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Pumped one minute, drained the next.

Soooo…last night i attended the televised taping of WWE Smackdown in Kelowna, British Columbia. And i will do a proper post about this and what i thought about the whole night and experience in the next few days for the main page.

But something else happened last night, something much more serious and worth addressing first. As you all know Becca is one of my closest friends and my ex-girlfriend and i have been spending a fair bit of time with her of late with long days by the pool and nights out at the clubs. I have always been the kinda person who lives for the moment and looks forward to the future at the same time. Today when i got the news, i have never been more shell shocked and had such a rush of emotions in my life, it put things more in perspective.

Last night Becca was riding on the back of a Motorbike with this guy named Tyler and they crashed. I got the news at work today that she was in Hospital with a punctured lung and broken back. I immediately wasnt able to work and couldnt stop thinking about the worst possible scenario of her being paralysed or in danger of her life. I got to the hospital after work and she didnt look too good but it wasnt that bad…she does have cracked vertibrate but her life and well being will not be effected in the long term despite her punctured lung.

I am not going to ramble on about this and all the details. But your friends and family and who ever else is special in your life shouldnt be taken for granted. Each moment you spend with them should be appreciated and as enjoyable as possible. Last night Becca was lucky not to have died or be paralyzed, and thank god that didnt happen and I am happy to report that she will be making a full recovery. The whole ordeal made me forget those bad times with us and why every moment should be as good as possible from now on to leave the even better memories for the future.

If that makes sense.

Posted by Pat @ 04:09 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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i know how you felt at work pat, the same sort of thing happened to me a couple years back. i’m glad its all going to be ok!

Posted by jassa @ 08/10/2003 09:03 PM AST

Thanks edo…i’ll pass the message on…it shocked me too.

Everything is going to be ok though

Posted by Pat @ 08/08/2003 01:49 PM AST

Oh man. My heart skipped when I read that. I’m glad to hear Becca will make a full recovery.

Hope you’re both doing okay.

Tell Becca we hope she gets better real soon.

Posted by Edo @ 08/07/2003 08:11 PM AST

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