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One Step Up And Two Steps Back

I had my first maths class today. It wasnt too painful. I hated maths in school. I did core GCSE maths in high school. I sucked so much ass. In this class, my lecturer is a little man with big glasses and an indefinable central european accent. I am not very good with European accents. I heard a hint of Dutch, but also a hint of Russian, so I really have no idea. His name is is also Mr Zyban or something. I’ll think I’ll stick to Mr Z.

I am catching up on 90’s teen movies. For some reason a shitload seem to be on TV right now. I watched Can’t Hardly Wait last night, and Clueless is on right now. And I get to look forward to 10 Things I Hate About You tomorrow. YAY! They’re so great.

I would have to disagree with mike on my top three pop punk bands. Number one goes to the Ramones, closely followed by Greenday and then I’m not sure about the third. So many I like. Unwritten Law, MTX, Midtown, No Use For Name…the list goes on.


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