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FATweb flashback

Good news finally decided to get in touch with me… So I invited him in and made him tea.

Along with several birthdays (including Edo’s and mine), July brought with it a month of interning at a publishing company here in London, who specialise in in-flight publications. The work was good, and after my month long stint I was offered to  freelance there. This is a welcome offer as having recently completed my postgraduate degree, this is exactly what I have been looking/waiting for.

The next two weeks are shaping up nicely in terms of meeting up with the FATweb fraternity.  Within the next two weeks I will be meeting up with such illustrious faces as: Edo & Jen, Adam Bell, Pat, Mike, Josh, Axel, Angela, Ismay, Bonnie, James Masemann… in fact barring Sam and Rod that’s pretty much everybody. Busy two weeks!

Spurred on from this thought, this morning saw me spending some time reading through the ol’ FATweb archives from years gone-by… has it really been eight years since 2002? Wow. Seriously though what strange adolescences we were… I read a post where I was moaning about a job I had that allowed me to go scuba diving and work with marine biologists on reef conservation projects.. poor me.

Oh, and I apparently ‘highly’ recommended a Jennifer Paige song (?)…. hmmm.


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  1. When I get around to it, I’ll have to upload the blogs from 2004-2007.

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