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Rhea and Cameron’s Wedding

Over the weekend, Jen and I attended the wedding of our good friends Rhea and Cameron Proudlove.

There was a wonderful service held at a chapel in Bardon followed by a reception at the Botannical Cafe in Mount Coo-Tha.  I was the Master of Ceremonies at the wedding which was a rather intense experience.  For all the public speaking I do for work, it counted for little on the night.  I was super nervous and it was made even worse when I fumbled my opening speech of the night when I went through the housekeeping rules and lost track of my notes.  I was too nervous to eat any of the food being served and felt really panicked.  Fortunately, Jen calmed me down with a positive pep talk and I found my groove for the rest of the night.

It was a fantastic day and I’m so happy for my friends.  I think this could well be the last wedding I go to for a while though.  Unless someone on TFW pops the question soon, I think most of my friends are now married up or loveless singletons.


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