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New video camera, old video tapes

Jen gave me an early birthday present this year:  an HD video camera.  She’s pretty awesome like that.

It must drive her nuts because I only bought a video camera three years ago and I barely used it.  All the videos I’ve taken over the last couple of years have been using the video recording function on my digital camera.  It’s taken me a few years to work out that I’m most likely to find interesting stuff to shoot on a spontaneous ad-hoc basis and so the most important feature in getting a new dedicated video camera was one that was compact so that I would be more likely to carry it around with me.  The old video camera was about the size of a brick so it wasn’t really all that practical.

Now I have this sweet baby, the JVC HD Everio, which is about the same height and length as my Sony Xperia phone plus it shoots in glorious high definition!  This makes me very happy.

New JVC video camera is small, or Xperia is huge.  Take your pick.

New JVC is nice and compact and about the same size as my phone

I should probably get ready for bed soon but I want to spend another couple of hours shooting footage of inanimate objects around the house with this thing.

On a standard-def video note, hopefully in the next few months I’ll get around to finishing a short video about growing up in Brunei that I shot way back in January 2004.  It’s taken me five years to get around to starting the damn thing but I guess better late than never.  Besides, these things are always more interesting to look back on after a few years have passed.  The footage includes Mike, Matt, Angela, Jen, Marlow, Rod, Jess Tsang and others.  Anyone remember recording this stuff?

Matt at Unitech

Matt at Unitech looking for a copy of Scary Movie 3

Mike at Bluestones:  "Bendis Bendis Bendis"

Mike at Bluestones: "Bendis Bendis Bendis"

Angela:  What was my first job?  I've never had a job!

Angela: What was my first job? I've never had a job!

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  1. badass camera there dude – looks like some memories will be captured there!!

  2. i vaaaaggguuueeeely remember you filming this. coincidentally, the glasses i’m wearing in that still have only recently been retired for a newer pair that look pretty much identical. /randomfact

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