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The FAT Website is Back!

“Life happens when you stop blogging about it”

– Dan,

Spy Magazine has been down for the better part of a month now and I know for a fact that we have lots of stories to share with one another. I know we’ve had some romance blossoming, some heartache, a graduation, a band being reformed and some hang gliding. And that’s just off the top of my head. I’ll won’t spoil it and let each blogger tell their own tale. There is plenty to catch up on!

I do believe that this 1 month downtime we’ve had is the largest we’ve had in YEARS and the last time we were down this long was the gap after we ran the great Big Brother Reality Blog contest of 2001. Speaking of which, you can read about the history of this website by clicking on the big fat box at the top of the page that says ‘5 years of The FAT Website’.

Can you believe its been five years? I feel freakin’ old!

I hope you like the new layout for the site. It’s the first time since 2001 that I actually bothered to learn how to do something new in Photoshop (the big metallic thing) and for the first time ever, the design of the website was done on Macromedia Dreamweaver and not Frontpage 2000 like all the previous designs.

So what’s new? Well I’ll let you explore the site a bit yourself so can find some of the new features we have. I do like the ‘On This Day’ box which you’ll find in the right hand column of this site. It lists down updates that we had on this very day in the previous years. Funky, no?

With all the former presidents dying and movies being watched, I’ve been dying to have some discussion about it all so everyone head over to the forums when you’re done reading here and lets get it rolling again.

Believe it or not, our old friend Der Voron is back in town and he’s written a new book! Expect a review of Our Planet From a Different Point of View sometime soon.

I’d be remiss to not point out that we’re on a brand spankin’ new server with a 1 gig storage capacity. That’s far too much for a little site like us so we’re selling off some of our land. If you want 50mb of space, a swanky spam-free email account and all the perks for five bucks, then go

For the relatively newer Spy Magazine readers wondering what the hell is going on, the story is this: we were originally called The FAT Website in 1999 and up to the end of 2001. Around then, the site died an abrupt and painful death and was reborn as Spy Magazine. For 2 years i’ve had to endure all manner of nonsense with people confusing us for a print version by the same name. In that time I’ve been in contact with about 200 people regarding subscription, 2 movie producers asking for the rights to use our product in a movie and countless more asking me questions about the cover with Bill Clinton on it. So I’ve had enough and after a quick poll in the forum it was decided that we would revert to the old ‘classic’ name of The FAT Website of TFW for short.

Anyways, I’ve talked enough so I’ll wrap things up.

In closing I’d just like to thank Jimmy T for helping us out with all the scripts and with arranging the hosting details. Without Jimmy T, there is no website. So god bless him, may Rangers have a prosperous season (*ducks in case Jen is looking*) and everyone give the man his props in the Comments thread or however you see fit.

It’s good to be back!

Your Pal,

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