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Grade ‘A’ Nerd

Okay, so I am an eager beaver. I just had to be the first. Well, not actually but I leave for the ghetto tomorow so I need the Internet now.

Did I mention that I have graduated now? Assuming I pass of course, the ceremony is in December. I get to pose with a hat and a gown and be super boffin like. Its more for the parents of course, because I am already cringing what I would look like and am starting to prepare for the heckling that will surely follow from everyone else. Good.

Once again, it’s that time of year where I have to start looking for a new place. Amazingly, my parents are buying me a flat, an investment apparently so I’ve been a busy little thing flathunting. Its not really getting anywhere because firstly I’ve been stuck in the Home Counties where my sisters live for the past week helping babysit the new chihuahua puppy. I don’t mind but….I’m really dying to get back to my own place. Its too quiet here. Anyway back to the flathunting…I’m checking out a place in Wood Green and another in Colliers Wood which is one stop away from where Pat used to live when he was here. I’m really sorry I couldnt see you off Pat, I couldnt get away from here. Man…one tiny puppy and my whole life comes to a stand still. I so appreciated the call from my Kenton crew earlier otherwise I’d be bored to tears by now. The whole week has been about feeding times, and cleaning up poop, and me repeating the words “paper, do it on the paper!” a million times a day. How do people have kids?

My last few weeks at uni have been strange. Like I shouldnt be there, seeing as I have no more commitments going on. But out of habit, i find myself heading towards it anyway. I feel like a lemming, i just dont know what to do with myself. Theres a few end of year shows next week that I’m looking forward to…assuming I’m not needed to nanny the pup. Man…i want to cry. This little bundle of cuteness is ruining my summer.

Jay-Z came to my uni about a month ago. Something to do with the Prince’s Trust and they were using our studios. The Jigga man was just wandering around campus. Legend. Then there was a seminar with Russel Simmons, Reverend Run who looked mighty pimpin of course, and one of the heads of Def Jam records. It was exciting, until one guy who is known as The Don tried to shit stir about why rappers had to describe “de brodders and de seesters” as bitches and all that. No one cared. They tried to explain that it was just the way that they referred to each other.

I like the new look of this place. So modern.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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