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Bubba Gum Jubba

I would like to say “Happy Birthday” to Sophie Bell too. I cant even remember what i did for my 18th, it must have been special, for that matter my 19th i dont remember too. If anyone remembers, please remind me.

I really like this new wrestling column…big thumbs up!

I do remember the infamous labuan trip where:
– Ed and Majid danced with hookers, and ed tried to borrow money to sleep with one
– I wondered around the hotel drunk singing “bubba gump jubba” and passed out in a bath tub
– I kicked majid out of my bed, and he didnt get out
– Spent all my parents money on alcohol and cigarettes
– Chucked money on the ground because we didnt feel like carrying it

Moving on. i got a new pager today and tomorrow i am putting a music system in my Cavalier.

I want a new job, and applied as a photo lab technician. She asked what experience i had with photos and i said “I like to take pictures”. Fuck. I am now senior worker at PetroCanada though after a year.

Nobody has died or got injured in the last week.

Watched Signs and Austin Powers 3. Absolutely great movies. Signs is my pick of the summer.

School starts in less than a month

Two days until WWE show!…WooHoo!

Busy day tomorrow.
Time for bed.

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