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Two Weeks Till PAX Australia!


It’s been a whole six months since we’ve been on holiday but thats all about to change in a fortnight.  Jen and I are off to Melbourne for my birthday.  As is our traditional, we’ll be treating ourselves to a nice dinner on our weekend away but the main activity we’ve got planned is attending the inaugural Penny Arcade Expo in Australia.  We’ve got our 3 day passes secured, our iPhone app downloaded and a schedule planned.  It’s a great year to attend PAX as there is plenty of new technology on the horizon – the new game systems from Sony and Microsoft are imminent and as well as that, third party technology such as the Oculus Rift, a modern virtual reality headset, is confirmed to be there.

My most anticipated panels include the Xbox One presentation, the Good Game panel (ABC Game show) and the Giant Bomb panel.  I’m really keen to try the Oculus Rift but I think the lines will probably be too long 🙁


I’m also looking forward to taking my Nintendo 3DS with me and racking up some hits with StreetPass so I can get some additional content in Animal Crossing.  There’s every chance if you don’t play games that that last sentence won’t make a lick of sense.

Melbourne, I look forward to being in you in 2 weeks!

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