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Salt, sweat, sugar. I have ‘loser’ tattooed on my forehead.

I am Loser.

Actually I like having this time to myself. It’s peaceful. I didn’t think i needed much peace and quiet, but oh my god, it feels good. I spent about an hour outside today, lying on the grass with my dog at my side, listening to the songs on my new toy and just enjoying it. It was warm, it was breezy, and…good. Plus my parents are amazed with this sudden transformation that for once I am home. Its fun to look at the puzzled looks on their faces. Heh.

Seeing as 2003 is nearly over, i was going over the things that happened over the year. I decided that this year was a good one. I had lots of fun. I want next year to be just as good. Although, next year is kind of a scary one…i’d have graduated, i would have to move into a new place in hopefully a new part of London (there is not a chance in hell that i’ll move back home) and well…people move on. It’ll be interesting to see who sticks around and who doesnt. Me, Luan and Stephane have fantasies of living in a Camden loft, working at MTV, sitting on futons, whilst eating jelly beans and chicken. I say live the dream. At least it’s some sort of plan to aspire to.

I found myself writing an email to a friend, and i wrote about missing my bed back home. Does this mean that here is no longer home? I say it all the time, but the more i come back here to Brunei the more i realise that i’ve moved on from it. The texting of friends ‘back home’ continues, this time it’s Mikie my flatmate heckling me from across the globe. You northern twat!

Luan texted me today too, about reading 2000 pages of the history of the Afro. That’s what she’s doing her dissertation on. I think it’s a wicked idea. Everyone has a wicked idea. Mine is just well boring. Stephane is writing about the cultural impact that trainers bring to the world, Cheese is doing british film gangsters, and the funniest one i’ve come across so far is my friend Ben who is doing his on the representation of midgets in the media. When he first told us we thought it was a pisstake. Mine is on violent women in cinema, and how strong female leads pull in more at the box office than their male counterparts. I’m considering changing the title to Boobs Rule Hollywood.

Enough about dissertation bollocks.

My mind thinks better at night for some reason. I have loads of thoughts and silly ideas swimming around in my head. Oddball.

Anyway, did I tell you guys about the christmas muffin incident last week? The friday night that me and Luan invaded the gym, we went back to Villain’s flat and shared our special christmas hash cakes with him and Mark. I guess they weren’t used to eating hash. Its become a weekly ritual with me and Luan (you do retarded things when you’re bored during the holidays) Anyway, at the best of times Mark is a total hypochondriac. Just last term he was convinced he had ball cancer because his nuts hurt. Anyway, a couple of hours later they both start freaking out. Especially Mark, who thought he was having a heart attack and called the paramedics. Me and Luan could do nothing but giggle, even though the situation wasn’t that funny (well, ok it was) Anyway, about fifteen mintues later the paramedics arrive to see two boys reeking of vomit, one paranoid as fuck and the other convinced he was dying (poor marky was on his knees praying) and the culprits of their mishap was us two stupid twats giggling in the corner. I tried really hard to look responsible but my face probably looked like i was trying to squeeze out a fart or something. Luan just giggled, and thought she was being really clever and helpful. In the end, the paramedics just heckled the boys for being pussies and left. We called Alexis and Darragh to come over to look after our poor victims. Then we buggered off home, and i slept like a baby.

Now that i’ve written all that out i think i remember already telling you guys this. Dammit.

There is a warm bed and a darkened room waiting for me. Nice.

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