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New Years In Aberdeen

New Years in Aberdeen: There was supposed to be this street party but due to the worst weather of the YEAR, the stage blew away. Yes the stage blew away, how does a stage blow away. So as a substitute i hung out with a few people i have come to know here and went to a party. We get there and this guy is literally passed out on the couch with drool dripping from his mouth, apparantely hes from Nova Scotia that would explain a lot.

Anyways, stayed there for a while before realizing we should actually do something, so we go back to this club espionage, line up in the rain and wind and finally get in to grab some drinks to countdown to a not so climatic new year or Hoggmanay as they call it here. So not a lot to write about as you can see.

Auntie Caroline made chicken fajitas last night…hmmm…mexican food.

Yeah, so tomorrow i am on a train to Glasgow where i have to spend a night in some hotel before catching the flight home on the next day to Brussels. I am totally hoping for a smooth trip after what happened last time.

My Dad emailed me and said he was going to visit me for an afternoon in Holland as hes in the area. I tell you, Dad never fails to surprise me with the crazy jobs he does. Oh well, should be nice to show him around Vlissingen and buy him a beer to start paying him pack the money he lends me. Looking forward to that.

Before i came to Aberdeen, I hadnt seen any family in over 3 months…now i have seen every family member from 2nd cousin to my great uncle….and now my dad. Extreme to Extreme.

As i am moving to London soon, i figured i should buy some work clothes here in Aberdeen and not pay the ridiculous prices that London offers. So i picked up a pimpin suit…well chuffed with it. I could sell fridges to eskimos in this baby.

More later when i arrive back at uni.

Posted by Pat @ 08:18 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

Glad to hear you are proud of my lindo pickup. Thanks for the support guys

Posted by Pat @ 01/06/2004 07:10 PM AST

haha… i noticed the “well chuffed” thing too! good stuff

Posted by Matt @ 01/05/2004 11:16 AM AST

hope you have fun in london i think it is a very place in london

Posted by tiffany @ 01/05/2004 06:39 AM AST

“well chuffed” eh? nice to see ure picking the lingo up already pat! hoohoo!!

Posted by ange @ 01/04/2004 06:05 PM AST

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