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Wrong ’em, boyo

… man i am SO digging The Clash all over again.

This weekend was weird. You know when you have people pester you for something ALL week? well now imagine around 6 different people doing that. Dont you find that the more people do that the less you are inclinded to go? … dam annoying.

So i eventually caved in and decided to go along with “the white folk” to watch my friend Ishan and his band play… It was weird, i arrived around an hour and a half late and i immediatly felt outta place. why you ask? lets just say that i was old enough to be some of the people there’s parents. however, despite the age difference of alot of the people there, i did have a good time in the end…. maybe it had something to do with all the young kids going home (bedtime?) and all the alcohol i had consumed to try hide my dissapointment of the night. although when “DJ Emo” learnt the invaluable lesson, that Matt likes 80s music, the night became mucho better. it turned out pretty decent by the end of it all.

That night plans were setup for sundays outing. Action plan: got to border… drink lots of beer… eat lots of chicken wings.

this was a highly successful day (mind you, when is a border run NOT successful?). and my god can Emo eat those chiken wings! in totaly we ordered 7 plates!! thats crazy! … what was weird was that half way through the day we were finishing our 6th round or so, and a JIS teacher came up to us and he sat down… dam funny guy. crazy thing was he was there for about 20 minutes and then as he got up to leave he told us that he’d just payed for EVERYTHING that’d we’d drunk and eaten! so we got around 6 FREE rounds each (about 7 of us)… what a dam champion this guy is!

Isnt it such an injustice how Wales can outscore England 3-1 on the try count and still lose by over 10 points! dam that Johnny Wilkinson! … my hot-tip, France, are still in the hunt for the win… you watch them roll over england AND the blacks… Vive la France! (thats for you chloe). i guess you cant tell from this… but i’m supporting england.

You know the best thing about this week? the public holiday on wednesday and the diving (for work) on thursday.. this means that i have 2 days work this week (monday, tuesday)!! WOO!

Labuan this weekend!!



Posted by Matt @ 06:55 PM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

brian Bortarno could eat more than 7 plates!

England won mate!!!! WOOHOO!

Posted by Stevey Wonder @ 12/16/2003 04:22 AM AST

fucc u guys talk like ur da shyt, maybe u r, maybe ur arent…….. i aint hatin, its juss ah remark….

Posted by cally jo @ 11/21/2003 06:23 AM AST

Edo: !!

Oli: Mr. Mc something…. he’s some new guy from glasgow.. what a dam champ (we talked about Def leppard too!). When do you get back oli?

Posted by Matt @ 11/12/2003 09:15 AM AST

You fucker, making me jealous, fuck I can’t wait to get back…who was the teacher? Mr.Bushin?

Posted by Oliver @ 11/12/2003 08:25 AM AST

SEVEN PLATES. What the hell.

I’ve never seen a man eat so many…never mind.

Posted by Edo @ 11/10/2003 09:56 PM AST

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