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Hunky Dory

A whole week. That’s quite a while for me not to blog.

I haven’t had a particularly interesting week. I met up with my sister on last Wednesday, and we went shopping, got some lunch at a Japanese place, and shopped some more. I got me a pair of Diesel jeans. They are my new pride and joy. I justify getting them because i got me a bigger overdraft at the bank, so technically…i can afford them. On Friday I slept over at the girl’s house, and it wasn’t til the next day i found out that Area had a drum n bass night, and not only was it good, but I WASNT THERE ! ! On Saturday, there was a house party going on so we went to that. I dont think the people having it realised how many people would show up because they started to look really agitated when people they didnt know were walking through the front door. At one point, i started opening the front door to let people in, but one of the girl’s who lived there shot me a nasty look, seeing as it wasn’t even my house in the first place. Oh well. The more the merrier. I left around half two with Luan, Rowan, Rob and Jim. We took some stupid shortcut that involved walking through a pitch black alley through some park. I still wonder how many drug dealers, dead bodies, and muggers we might have walked past.

Ended at Rob and Jim’s house and just got stoned. I ended up crashing over, i was far too comfy to even think about wanting to walk home. I got home around lunch time the next day, and Anna had cooked me some dinner. Shepard’s pie with vegetables (i havent eaten anything remotely green in a long time) so that was nice to eat something ‘real’. Rob stopped over, and we went grocery shopping. He’s even pickier at choosing stuff than my mum. I ended up going to bed really early at half 11, but i still didn’t get up on time to make it into set design when i was supposed to. Ten points for Angela!!

I was cleaning up the paint pots when we were done. And i noticed that paint in water not only looks pleasantly gloopy, but almost like that slime stuff in Ghostbuster.

I’m slowly getting myself sorted out. I see this road trip as not just a mini adventure, but also as a chance to take a breather from this place. If everything goes to plan, we’re leaving on Friday. I’m supposed to be writing an itinerary for the places i’m in charge of, but i cant be bothered just yet. In fact…i’m rather sleepy.

Posted by Angela @ 01:33 AM AST [Link] [4 comments]

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“Well I opine that Drum n bass is not only cool”

I hate you so much.

Give me a call Friday and we can hang out dude.

Posted by Edo @ 10/28/2003 10:25 PM AST

Well I opine that Drum n bass is not only cool, but ridiculously easy to compose.

Posted by Dan @ 10/28/2003 12:04 PM AST

Sleep is good… Sheperds pie is better… drum n bass is in the middle.


Posted by Matt @ 10/28/2003 11:21 AM AST

Do we get feedback during the road trip or are you going to be blogless for a while? Or can you do a full-blown front page rant on it?

Drum n’ bass sucks.

That is all.

Posted by Edo @ 10/28/2003 05:27 AM AST

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