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I Am Back In My Beloved Ghetto

So i’m back.

We got back on Friday actually, we were ahead of schedule. I met up with the ‘Team’ on Tuesday afternoon in Manchester as planned, shot the outro of that segment in some random park because Manchester is a stupid city with stupid rules about filming. Anyway, so i was only there for like an hour, as i thought would happen. Then we drove to Cardiff. Its actually kind of fun driving for hours, and stopping at hick service stations. We stopped once for dinner, and the lady in the diner couldn’t handle us. I’m not sure why, but she looked like she was about to bust a vein in her head. Maybe they dont get alot of customers. We ended up in Cardiff at around 10 after driving around the place for ages looking for the stupid street we were crashing at. And man…welsh writing really got on my tits after awhile. Its fucking annoying when you’re trying to look for street names and oinstead you get a glimpse of something unintelligible. It looks how arabic words are spelt.

I couldn’t stand staying in the house we were at, it was too cramped so i made the boys drive me to Ben and Pete’s flat which incidently only happened to be around the corner anyway. So i hid out at theirs, and we got pizza and caught up. Which didn’t take long seeing as i only saw them about a month ago. Next day we filmed at this science museum called Techniquest, legged it to the Millenium Stadium to film there and that was cool. I tried to sneak into the locker rooms but failed. While we were out on the pitch getting some footage, this hawk came screeching past my legs. Its trainer just laughed at me, so i’m thinking he made it do that on purpose. I think they have hawks out there to scare away the pigeons, because i have never seen any pigeons at a football stadium. The security man wouldn’t let us leave the stadium either. He just wanted to sit there with us and talk about Rugby. They guy didn’t seem to get that none of us were into Rugby. So we sat there. Politely. And listened. All about the welsh Dragons. Yay.

The next stop was Brighton. Now i liked Brighton. We stayed at this hippy joint called Baggie’s Backpackers. It was full of Australian hippies who had been there since March and didnt want to leave. That night we filmed in this gay club callled Revenge. It was pretty interesting. We like a repellent or something. We were on one side of the club with all our cameras and shit, and the clubbers were on the other side staying well away from us. We had to make sure not to get any shots of people, because as the club owner said “you might be shooting someone’s dad who hasn’t come out”. I got to hang around behind the bar and filmed the bartender’s asses instead.

In the morning we filmed Brighton Pier, which was windy and cold, and i didnt enjoy it but hey it was like 10am, and i hate mornings. I fell asleep in the car on the way up to this place called Devil’s Dyke, which is basically a huge hill overlooking Brighton. Lots of nice shadows. Anyway, we grabbed lunch, sat next to some disabled old people in the pub and drove home. My god, was it nice to be home. After being in London, every other city seems like its out in the sticks. Its so slow in comparison.

We tried editing our footage today. But there was a problem so we didn’t. I have to be on set with Shannon right now, but i dodged my duties like a pro, and i’ll go down later.

Being away for the week did me some good. My mum and sister rang me yesterday. They sounded kind of drunk, so that was funny. My mum asked me the same question three times in a row, and that was what i had for dinner.Every time i said chicken, she giggled like a maniac, and then asked me again. Funny little ladies.

Posted by Angela @ 10:36 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

Would be easier (though ugly looking I guess) to render some sort of rectangular logo in the corner for the whole show? Or add black bars top and bottom and crop it out.

Posted by Edo @ 11/13/2003 01:45 AM AST

yes. we ALL left it on. Shannon’s looking into companies in soho that can get rid of it. i think it’s possible. it’ll be a bitch but it’ll get fixed dammit!

Posted by angela @ 11/13/2003 12:16 AM AST

Shit, you mean you left the timecode on?

Posted by Edo @ 11/11/2003 08:58 PM AST


and maybe a rough cut. We’re having editing issues. Mainly cuz we’re dumbasses and we forgot to switch the characters off button when filming with the canon. So we’re kind of screwed. unless we can scrub it out frame by frame, which is looking unlikely.

Posted by angela @ 11/11/2003 08:52 PM AST

so what DID you have for dinner?



Posted by Matt @ 11/11/2003 05:34 PM AST

Do we get to see a copy of this roadtrip when you come back to Brunei?

Posted by Edo @ 11/11/2003 01:41 PM AST

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