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Remembrance Day Of A Lifetime

Yesterday, we all went to Flanders Fields, Belgium to attend the rememberance day cermonies. We didnt really know what to expect after travelling for about four hours. But as soon as we get there, Carson hits his nuts on one of those low poles just off the train that of course we all laughed about…and as well as us about ten other Canadians got off the train. Kinda weird, so we all followed the people to whereever this cermony was.

It was packed, there must have been over 5000 people there on the street. So we watched these guys play some war music and then at 10:45 we all followed the marching soldiers down the street to the memorial landmark that had a huge quote on the top: “To all the soldiers of the British Empire that died in World War one that had no grave” and the structure had names of the dead all over it. I found a Perraton.

Anyways, after a few speeches, we had our two minute silence at 11:00 and listened to people from Belgium, Britain, Australia, Canada, India, and the United States talk. It was quite the experience.

Then we went and ate Belgium Chocolate (which is like a dream in your mouth), drank some tea and walked around the town that had all these really interesting structures. Then we walked over to the cemetary and paid our respects.

On the way home it was so foggy so the ferry we had to catch wasnt operating meaning we had to figure out another way to get home. We managed to convince three bus drivers and the train conductor that we didnt have to pay due to our situation. Such luck.

During this tiring and long day, i failed to mention that most of us only slept about two hours the night before. So we were literally living off caffeine and the fact that we were consistently travelling all day. Oh well, you only live once

Posted by Pat @ 08:43 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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haha.. it was weird, i nearly forgot about “rememberance day”, if Jen hadnt reminded me… how bad does that make me sound?


Posted by Matt @ 11/13/2003 07:13 PM AST

These travel story posts are cool. Thats eerie about the Perraton name on the structure dude.

Posted by Edo @ 11/13/2003 10:51 AM AST

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