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Such Hotness

So here I am at 3 in the morning on Saturday writing a post. I was a good boy and stayed home and studied for my exams, stopping only for food and the quarter final matches. I tried going to sleep but its too damn hot. I’ve peeled away all the sheets and put the fan on full blast and I still had to get out of bed because its so muggy in here if I don’t move I’m just gonna get all sweaty and suffer a wicked case of swamp ass.

I’m going to write this update and then put on a dvd or something. Something that will put me to sleep. Maybe Naked Gun or Once Were Warriors or something.

I dream of Brunei now.

Most every day I talk with Matt and Jen and we plan and plan again. Parties and lots of them. Like the Meet n’ Greet Party. Spending the day on some tropical little island playing beach volleyball and getting loaded. A big fat bbq. A toga party. Maybe at some nice hotel. Lord of the Rings Day. Movie nights with Jen. Wrestling ‘n’ Gaming days with Matt. Plundering Mike’s collection of comics. Border trips. Chicken wings and sting ray. Chicken Rice. Ice Milo. Yum yum. Christmas Eve gathering. Christmas Day lunch at the yacht club.

And the big one: New Years! It is shaping up to be something huge.

That’s not to say Perth won’t be without its moments in the next few weeks. Of course there will be special days planned around the World Cup. The huge end of year uni film screening is on Friday. The actual drinking in to oblivion goes right through the next day. TJ mentioned something about a possible road trip to the Pinnacles. And theres Dans huge 21st party which he’s been planning for quite a while now.

Lots of vague headlines in the news today. For those wondering what the rumour is about Prince Charles that is making headlines in England, its that he habitually lets a couple of his manservants orally polish the crown jewels. Hope that clears that up.

Some news for any Heavenly Angels readers we may have inherited recently on what the girls are up to:

Zara’s new blog will be up soon. Pluggage will follow when its ready. I’ve seen a preview shot of a graphic she designed and its looking pretty swanky.

Jen’s taking over web mistress duties with Heavenly Angels which will eventually go up here.

I’m go to try and sleep again.

*picks out the Wizard of Oz dvd*

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