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Status update on Kindle Australia: Still shit

The other day when I decided that I wanted a new book to read, I remembered that I caught a glance at Stephen King’s novel Under The Dome at Borders and it had piqued my interest.  The story of a smalltown in America which inexplicably gets trapped underneath a magical forcefield sounded like just the right amount of gimmicky nonsense to appeal to my sensibilities.  Plus the book was a thousand pages long so it was going to be handy to have around for my upcoming 25 hour plane ride to the UK.

Great!  Time to bust out the ol’ Kindle and it’ll be on my eReader in under a minute.  I went to and there it was for a measely $9 bucks.  I click ‘download’ and up comes an error message:


It appears that Amazon have begun blocking offshore attempts at logging into American Amazon accounts and downloading from their Kindle store.  They’re re-enforcing that you have to download ebooks from the Australian Kindle store instead.

So I went to the Australian Kindle store to get a copy of the book instead.


You’re telling me that a book written by Stephen Freakin’ King that is nearly a year old still isn’t available on the Australia Kindle store.  Listen you jerks: I’m trying to give you money! Let me give you AUS$10 for a widely available mainstream book that isn’t new and is written by a bestselling author.

Fed up, I went to another website and uh, lets just say I’m on chapter five now and am highly enjoying the book.

So here we are in 2010 and the iBook store in Australia has precisely zero books for sale and the Australian Kindle store is still totally gimped.  Lame.

Under the dome - a book about Mike's head

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  1. isn’t it AWESOME owning an ebook reader that you can’t actually buy books for? lol

    this is why i have a vpn. well, that and netflix. totally justifies the $15 a month i pay for it.

  2. ok, so i checked out this book and jokes about my dome aside, it sounds fairly good – at least for your typical Stephen King fare.

    i just purchased it from the US iBooks store no problems. what up.

  3. Let me know what you think of it.

    You’ll have it give it a few pages but Big Jim Rennie is amazingly hateable.

  4. I bought it about 3 months ago but only read the first couple of chapters. I’ve been really bad lately, starting shit loads of books and not finishing them, but I plan to do a lot of reading while traveling next week. Air Asia ain’t got no TVs….

  5. FYI, STILL not on the Aussie Kindle store. I’d still like to read this book, but not if I have to lug around 1000 pages all the time – even if it’s just holding that while reading it on the couch/bed/whatever :P.

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