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Angie, don’t be sad. Listen to Richard Cheese.

i feel really bad about posting over angie’s heart-felt post just below (GO read her post… its better than this one.)… so i’m going to dedicate this post to you.

So i woke up this morning and decided not to go to work. why? simple reason: i felt like making and eating pancakes. so i did. man, were they worth it! i am offically the “missing work to eat pancake master!”… all hail my pancake making ability! if you do i just may make you a batch (do pancakes even come in batches?).

As you may have picked up i’m not loving my job at the moment… Yesterday was a not so ace, i went into work early and the real pisser was that my boss didnt even come in at all! .. ass. So anyway, i thought i’d skip off early and go hang with my friend Asad… So i waited for the bus for 1 and a half hours! when finally it came i ran across the road to stop it, nearly getting hit by a car in the process… then to make matters worse the bus driver decided to take a de-tour and go to his house, in which he disappeared inside for lunch for 30 GODDAM MINUTES leaving me to sit on my own in an empty bus! what an ass. Finally we got going again and after telling the bus driver where to drop me he makes the wrong turn and tells me to walk there!! ARGH! so after another 30 mins of walking i finally reached asad’s house around 3hrs later… motherfuck i was pissed off. I then went and played golf and i was in a much better mood.

This is for anyone that has been feeling down recently but especially for angie:
My friend yesterday told me about a lounge singer called Richard Cheese, who does lounge covers of radio songs, so i thought i’d download some material to give it a listen… funniest thing ev-er. i strong recommend this guy.
Downloads of the now: “Chop Suey”, “Insane in the brain”, “Shake your ass” … it’ll put a smile on your face

… is it me or is this the second time Batman has appeared in the news in the past two months

Man, some people have no shame… or at least no sence of privacy

Italy beat Canada in the Rugby world cup! Wooo! shit man, thats like 2 games we’ve won! who would’ve predicted that! bring in on wales!

Juve Rompted Real Sociedad 4-2 last night! *rubs hands gleefully*

Smile for me! … no? oh well this guy can do it for you!


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