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I Live In A Soap Opera

We’re watching Kill Bill tonight. Its quite sweet, our flat doing things together again.

As for the weekend, Friday was interesting. We went to Owen’s house and hung out there for a couple of hours. And then we made our way over to the house party at some guy called Richard’s house. There was about 5 house parties going on that night. I like to call the one we went to the Drugs n Drum n Bass party. Thats all there was to it. It was crazy. And the house was huge, I am envy the people who live there. They had a couple of those fire jugglers outside. They stand there and twirl these long sticks on fire. It looks cool. Rob and a couple of his housemates show up for a few minutes. Apparently the party at their house was too rudeboy for them. We stuck around, and walked hime around 3. As usual, me and James picked loads of flowers on our drunken stumblings home. I get a missed call from Rob at 4am, so i rang back, and he rang back. And he stayed over. I havent a clue what is going on. We both admitted that we still have feelings for each other. But typically, nothing has been done to further our conversation from that.

We’re having a roast dinner back at the flat (told you it was all wholseome again) and i’ve got to go tidy the living room. We leave for the road trip in just over a week! I cant wait. We’re dog sledding in Aviemore, car racing in Aberdeen, doing a ghost tour in Edinburgh, filming famous bars in Manchester, doing the welsh thing in Cardiff (that means i dont know yet) and cruising along Brighton Pier to wrap it all up. That’s the rough idea anyway.

Jungle is massive.

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