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Alright toe-rag, you’re knicked!

shit i’m knackerd. and i’ve done sweet-fuck all today. well, i went down to the comic shop as per usual on a Wednesday afternnon. Of course, they still hadn’t put all the new comics on the shelves. so i had to wait around for an hour until they did. wasn’t too bad though, i got to oogle at Hard Covers that i can’t afford. and that god damn John Constantine statue that i want more than life itself. $545. fuck, i’m just gonna break into the store and steal it…then we’ll see about their $545. bastards.

i’m feeling kinda bad today. Erin went to work putting letters in mailboxes. it’s a 2 day job. pays $15/hr. she made $190 today. that’s pretty good. anyways. whilst she was out doing that in the freezing cold. i sat on my sorry as watching oprah/riki lake/jerry springer/you name it. it feel a little guilty. she’s sleeping now. i shall go cuddle her soon.

stupid job people still haven’t phoned me. guess they don’t love me. i should shit on their $3 million worth of equipment. we’ll see how they like that. (am i the only one sensing an recuring angry trend here)

my column is going up on the main spy-mag page tommorow. i expext you all to read it. some feedback would be nice. even if it’s negative. i’d like to know i’m not wasting my time.

off to cuddle…

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