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The Darkness Say That Love Is Only A Feeling

I’m sat here wallowing in self pity, with Love is only a Feeling playing through my earphones. I should write a book, How NOT to Make Yourself Feel Better. As hard as i try to busy myself at uni, with my final year projects going on, and all that production bollocks that comes with it, as many hours as i spend in the the production warehouse making our set, i still feel awesomely let down. Ninety percent of this wretchedness is to do with the Rob situation, but a part of it is also just me. What am i gonna do with myself this time next year? I dont even feel like going back to Brunei for Christmas. I hate that i bumped into Rob today, that he followed me around for a while, that he texted me, that he said no he was too busy with go out for sushi, that my friends never want to go out anymore, that i get caught in the middle of people’s feuds, that i have final notices and bills up to my eyeballs to pay, that my lightbulb busted in my room, that i have nothing to make me smile anymore.

This is a rant, because i’m sick and tired of pretending that i’m abso-fucking-lutely happy, when i’m not.
Yes i am greedy. I want what i had last term. I want Rob back, I want the constant partying again, i want peace with all my friends that are falling out, i want to be hugged and loved again. I want my old fucking life back.

Now, all this anger has made me angry. I’m going away to hide with a cigarette and a hot chocolate outside.

Posted by Angela @ 01:33 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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Hey Angýe…..just let ýt all out on the blog. You know maýnly frýends that care are readýng ýt. I just got a feud wýth a Turkýsh man and ýt was pretty rough…full story later when ý am not payýng for the net. But hang ýn there…ýt wýll be ok ýn the end..and hell ý am movýng to London and I wýll try to cheer you up and buy you a beer-þký.

ÇÖþÝ….man turkýsh keyboards are messed

Posted by Pat @ 10/23/2003 01:15 AM AST

Let it all out, vent and do whatever you want for the next few days. Try and ignore people who tell you ‘it’ll be alright’ because they’ll just make you feel more pissed off for not understanding.

Posted by Edo @ 10/22/2003 09:01 AM AST

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