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Post Turkey And Beyond

Back in school / studying mode now. Learning some pretty intensive stuff such as Multinational Financial Management and International Business and Marketing. Its pretty interesting. Anyways, who wants to talk about school.

I forgot to mention one thing that happened in Turkey. At the hotel we were staying at, there were crates of bottled water on the stairs, and my drunk friend (who always seems to be drunk) thought it would be a good idea to pick the crates up and put them in are room. Well only two. This didnt go over well with the manager of the hotel who blew up in anger…it was pretty weird. He was threatening to call the Turkish police that kinda freaked us out. Adam’s excuse of saying “I thought they were free, they are in Canada” wasnt going over well. So we all had to soke up the ridiculous cost of 33 euro for 48 bottles of water. Freaking Hell, they goes my leather jacket budget right there.

Tonight some Dutch students are cooking us dinner…it will probably be bread and cheese, because that seems to be the national food.

So its pretty much official that i am moving to London at the end of January. Does anyone have any tips with living there involving money saving tips, where to go at night, best place to shop etc etc. That would be much appreciated.

Forum is pretty dead nowadays…its all hate-sam stuff and edo’s teacher posts. Needs a spark.

I am getting messenger withdrawl as i never get to use it anymore…because the school bans it.

Later Gator

Posted by Pat @ 08:50 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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i dont have any ideas.

i just wanted to say that Adam is a Legend. He reminds me alot of my friend Darragh.

Posted by angela @ 10/31/2003 02:20 AM AST

Any tips for resparking forum activity? It was going really good for a while there.

Posted by Edo @ 10/30/2003 10:05 AM AST

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