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shu-ba-do-be-doop-doop-doop … faaaa

man i loved that song.

So i have a wee problem… i have a fancy dress party on friday for my friends birthday, i do not know what to go as… My first choice, as the regular readers could prolly guess, was to go as a pirate… thus fulfill my life-long dream to be a swash-buckling sailor of the seven seas! However, when i first revealed this all the girls went… “yea! you can wear eye-liner like johnny Depp” … i was somewhat put off the idea. However i do think that Captain Matt Sparrow has a certain ring to it. savvy?

So anyway, i was wondering if my interent buds could help me out on this one… i need ideas fast people… hmmm, maybe i should dress up as Tom Selleck, thats gotta get the ladies.

Things have been going steadily uphill after starting my new job, mind you i was at rock bottom when it started so i guess it couldnt get much worse. here is the picture: me sitting in a science lab in the university analysing dead coral (thats right! the bastard things arnt even alive!), desperately trying to stay awake to stop myself nodding off to sleep, falling off my chair and smashing my head on the cold cold relentless floor. What fun. However, there is a decent side to this job and that is the free unlimited amount of diving… which i must admit is pretty awesome. Bring On the boredom i say!

So i finally got round to buying the new Iron Maiden album “Dance of Death”… *puh* dam its good. only 2 songs under 6 minutes… its magic stuff. These guys just keep on churning out great record after great record. Download of the Now: “New Frontier” or “Face in the sand”… both different but dam good.

So remember in my last post how i said that someone asked me if they could take a photo of me (thus leading me to feel ‘superstar’), well i randomly came across her on Msn today… and after a long introductory conversation we find out that we are neighbours! … crazy.

Random rant: I think slang that was used in the early 90s should come back into fashion. i mean that was some orginal shit. now its all bout making up words and languages (ala Snoop Dogg) and swaering alot. dam kids and your Rap music. i think words like “neat” and “ace” were seriously “hip”… i mean this is the culture i grew up in! i’ll be dammed if i let it die!

what a silly life i lead.


Posted by Matt @ 11:29 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

go as and afgani woman


Posted by chris @ 10/23/2003 07:54 PM AST

yeah. a frank the bunny suit would be awesome

Posted by mike @ 10/21/2003 07:02 PM AST

Can one get a Frank the Bunny suit? One of those would be brilliant.

Posted by Dan @ 10/21/2003 06:57 PM AST

a bunny

Posted by Dee @ 10/21/2003 07:29 AM AST

Julius Caesar.

Posted by Edo @ 10/21/2003 06:33 AM AST

go as Dame Edna. Or Elton John. heehee!

old slang words that i miss: calling someone a Wazzock.

Posted by angela @ 10/21/2003 01:18 AM AST

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