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The Cost of Living

It occured to be last night that if I want to buy a videogame now, it will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Why the hell do videogames cost so much? You only ever finish 20% of games you own (source: Edge #132), most of them have horrible dialogue (source: any of the cut scenes in Max Payne), 99% of them are shit (source: me) and in Brunei they cost 5 bucks.

I think I might give that Dog’s Life game for Playstation2 a rental though. I’m lead to believe you can take a crap, pick it up in your mouth and throw it at little kids in the neighbourhood. That’s terrific! The possibility for one to throw virtual dog turds at virtual kids whenever we so please is surely the culmination of years of hardware development, polygon crunching and data procressing.

Anyone know any good abandonwarez sites? I’m after a copy of Theme Hospital. That game was so awesome.

I feel like I’m turning in to a disgruntled old man (I no grandpa!). I was watching my bootleg copy of About Schmidt when halfway through the film it stopped working. Fuck that. The copy I was watching had ‘FOR CONSIDERATION ONLY’ written across the bottom most of the time too. I thought the point of pirating DVDs was that we wouldn’t have to put up with the bullshit from VCDS. But nowadays its almost as much hassle. Sometimes you get copies that are shot in the cinema, the fucking dvd stops playing half way through or its one of these suck-ass consideration copies. I tried watching Intolerable Cruelty the other day and periodically it went black and white for five minutes. Someone obviously went to the trouble of doing this just to spoil the fun for everyone. What the hell would you do that for? Fiends! [/Simon Hansman]

I still don’t really know where I will be living in 9 days. I should probably sort that out.

I feel like this post is too angry. So I will post a link to a game which I thought was pretty fun. Try playing this game. We can compare scores in the comments thread.

On Saturday I’ve been invited to Bek’s BURN IN HELL 21st Birthday Party where you dress as some sort of hellspawn. I’m hoping I can get Jenny Tan to come because Bek’s has no other friends from uni so I won’t know anyone else there. As for my costume, I knew I held on to my laminated ‘CfBT Software Tester’ tag for a reason.

On Saturday I’ve also been invited to a wine tasting tour down in ‘the vines’ with Mcgee and Josh. Ordinarily I would’ve politely passed on account of me not being a woman or a homosexual but I am actually trying to develop some wine tasting skills to impress my girlfriend so if I can make good time, I think I might try and do the wine tasting in the day and then go to the BURN IN HELL party at night.

Now I’m off to watch The Passions of the Christ.

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