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Cock Blockin’ Buds

So last weekend was a complete non-event. I stayed home Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was invited out to dick all. I was bored, miserable and resolved to be more active in organizing weekend activites.

So this weekend I double-booked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I arranged things with two people on each day so that if one thing falls through, I’ll have something else to fall back on. If both things go ahead as planned, I’d pick the friend I prefer or the activity that sounds more fun and go with that.

So Friday afternoon I went to see the deplorable Bad Boys II with Denise. It was more just to catch up with her and see how she’s doing. Denise seemed to enjoy the movie too.

At night I arranged to hang out with TJ Cream. Now, Tara-Jane is a girl I don’t know very well. She’s mostly been a friend of a friend. But tonight we were going to see a band play at the Rosemount who she knew. They’re called Sodastream and I’m sure you’ve never heard of them. Apparently they’re quite good and had some record deal with some British label.

I went there expecting that some other people I knew were going. It turned out that wasn’t the case. TJ was going to see some friends who she hadn’t seen in years who I’d never met.

So while she did her catching up, I was left to twiddle my thumbs and look sexy. I must’ve been on form because a cute girl with long brown hair approached me and asked if she could sit next to me. Her name was Leigh or Lee and she was an Asian Studies student at Murdoch University. We got chattin’ and things were going nicely. She was totally in love with South East Asia which gave me lots of material to work with since I could just talk about Brunei and my ficticious Malay friends (Mohammed Priest and Ali Bowron).

When the bands finished up and the bouncers were ushering everyone outside, she still hung around to talk with me. Then as I’m about to seal the deal and get a phone number, TJ steps up OUT OF NOWHERE and says ‘Okay we’re going’ and Lee is like ‘Oh, uh, nice meeting you.’ and steps away awkwardly while TJ starts talking to me oblivious and leads me out the place.

She suddenly clicks and says ‘Wait, were you macking on that girl? Did I interupt something?’

and I reply:

‘No…nothing at all’.

Sometimes I’m so wishy washy it’s sickening.

So here’s a post to cockblockin’ buds. And to being too meek to say anything. Dan, I need you to hack into the mainframe and re-route the encryptions on the Murdoch student database and find this girl for me. She’s 25, does Asian Studies and lives south of the river someplace.

(PS If this post is loaded with typos its because my laptop screen is still busted and I’m typing this with the laptop connected to the tv screen where the image is all stretched out and blurry. Hopfully I can get it fixed first thing next week. Homework is starting to pile up)

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