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My Day

i went in to town today and saw this bus absolutely DESTORY this van that ran a red light. it was like hollywood. the guys in the van didn’t die but they got bloodied up and their van rolled. i wonder if the people in the bus got their money back.

i have tickets to mogwai.

I’m torn as to whether to go to Rumba. Rumba is a pop festival in Perth. It’s got stuff like Pink, Taxiride, Shaggy and Natalie Imbruglia. Now, ordinarily I wouldn’t be one to go to something like this because I’m too self conscious but Bon Jovi is also playing and if they got decent stage-time and did some old songs then I would love to go see them. Kelly Osbourne is playing as well which would be cool since I love her (she’s bitchy, ditzy and podgy…mmmmm).

i’ll keep this short and sweet.

Posted by Edo @ 02:34 PM AST [Link]

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i want to go watch mogwai!!!! >:\

Posted by shasha @ 10/19/2002 07:27 PM AST

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