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The Shining Fate As Chance Would Have It

Ok, ok… so i’m a wee bit late in updating. But here is the last week of my life summed up, chewed up and spat out for your convinence.

Work was dragging and i didnt feeling like going to dinner with my parents so instead i went to my “colleague” Asad’s house and ended up playing Basketball with the “kiarong massive”, as they like to be called… now growing up in brunei racial abuse is rarely heard, (puts on the voice of the guy who talks for EVERY SINGLE movie trailor) but in the hard streets of kiarong it is a way of lie. (back to the story then), it just seemed weird that everytime i scored or assisted my team mates would yell out “Yea! White power!” … now i know how Larry Bird felt.

Later that night we headed on over to Umar’s house for festivities… I was not so much used to the partying antics that brunei brings with it… i will explain: Dance for 5 minutes, sit down for 20, dance for 5… etc Things moved on as Oliver Wahab and Umar proceeded to dress up as members of ye ol’ Taliban… with complemtary AK-47! Pictures here: I swear i had nothing to do with this.. although all the dressing up did put me in the mood to buy a pair of Mickey mouse pants with those REALLY sweet bright yellow buttons!

Busy day. Woke up, way too early. got read went on a boat and went diving… after about 4-5 hours for this, i emerged back on shore as a qualified ‘breather-under-water-guy’ *pumps his fist*. Before i knew it i was off on a ferry to labuan to go to someones party who i’d never met before… however, they were very accepting of me (the complete stranger) showing up and partying with them. It turned out to be a pretty fucking sweet night. lots of drinking, smoking, women and clubbing… oh yea, and then there’s the fact that i met and had a drink with BRIAN-FREAKING-BOTHWELL! you heard me right motherfuckers! Woo000ooo! So anyway far too much money spent, but many friends made (brian!)… all in all a good laugh.

This day was truely messed. I woke up late (can you blame me) and decided it was time to get a ticket back to brunei.. of course, as god is an ass, all the ferries were booked up. So i had to devise a plan to get me back that hopefully would not involve me swimming (despite my new ability to breath underwater!). So i ended up jumping on a boat that took me to limbang… well, for you people that are less well-learned, this is in the wrong fucking direction. From Limbang i eneded up hitching a lift with some guy all the way to the Malaysian border (remember the area is small, so by “all the way” i really ment around 1 hour). had my parents pick me up from there… so what should have been a simple 1 hour trip back ended up taking the whole pissing day… consolation: i did end up eating some amazing Malaysian border chickenwings!

Was a day i’d like to forget.. not only did i have to wake up after a terrible day of traveling but i had to go to work. Like most normal folk my work started at 8am.. however on this ill fated day, whilst everyone else in the country was home by 5pm… the compnay i work for decided that we should all work overtime.. now i’m not talking a mere hour here… i was there til 10pm!! we’re talking 12 hours of work!! (i had two 1 hour breaks). cruelty personified.

PAYDAY! yes! mucho money! but do i get to spend it?! hell no! that goes into my “help get me out of brunei fund”.

… the fact that i’m updating today (wednesday) must mean that nothing special is currently happening.. therefore it is not worth commenting. I will admit that it has been a fucking hectic week. highs – lows… money spend – money earned … shit, its like the rest of my life rolled into a few days.

now go rest your eyes.. its damaging to read the computer screen this much.


Posted by Matt @ 12:15 AM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Bothwell should come to our New Year. That is so awesome that you met him. I assume you asked him about THAT year where Brunei OWNED the M-League. He must’ve gotten all the babes being that him and Akapo where the only star players in Brunei…ever.

Isn’t he called Brian Iman and is Islamic now?

Posted by Edo @ 09/18/2003 07:10 AM AST

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