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Weekend Rant

This weekend is the end of my week-long holiday. Its back to school on Monday.

I spent midweek with the guys mostly. It was nice change from seeing Denise and Mcgee all the time. Only by Saturday I was a bit sick of it all. I mean, Timmy and PJ are great guys and all but I saw them all day everyday for like 3 days in a row. If they weren’t sleeping over, they’d be here first thing in the morning.

So on Saturday I needed to get out. I spent the day with Mcgee instead. Strangely, she said she had the same sensation of needing to get away from everyone else. We spent the day in the city, looking at comics and DVDs and stuff. I picked up ECW Living Dangerously on DVD for 9 bucks (it was shit). Mcgee bought some guitar strings.

We ran in to Nigel and Polly at Price Attack. It was the first time I’d seen either of them in over a month. Polly invited me to go for a 4km walk with Nigel and his mother on Sunday. I politely declined.

Went back to Mcgees place for dinner and movie. We rented out Atlantis, Dog Soldiers and Mission Impossible 2. Atlantis was scratched and didn’t work. Bummer. Mission Impossible was pretty awful. I guess its better on the big screen or if you like your fight scenes really slow and uncreative (lots of punching). Dog Soliders was an odd experience. It’s a horror film set in Scotland. Now, I thought it was a decent film and all, but the tension in the film was heightened by Mcgee FREAKING OUT over most of the scary bits in the film. If there was any gore she’d twitch her legs and grab my hand. I was worried because her legs were drapped over my lap and I thought she was going to knee me in the balls when she recoiled. It heightens the tension of the film when your nuts are on the line. Indeed.

Woke up at 6 in the morning and walked Mcgee to her work.

Got home at about 8.30 and got to try out some of the new stuff I bought over the weekend. I got 3 Airwolf episodes on DVD and man, that show is still awesome. The theme song gives me goosebumps. That Jan-Michael Vincent with his rugged posturing and all those blonde girls with enourmous hair. Tremendous. They blow up lots of stuff too.

I also got an Eyetoy for my PS2. Its a great party game. You can also record short video clips with it and save ’em to your memory card. So I filmed my butt.

Next week, I’m finally meeting up with Polly again. We’re going to see Finding Nemo.

And Dan! I’m going to see Cypher with him. With maybe Polly too. I dunno, but she seemed kinda out of it and I’m not sure she understood what I was saying. She just agreed when I asked if she wanted to come but kept talking about Finding Nemo.

I’m slowly getting back in touch with some old buddies. I heard from Alison after lord knows how long. She told me a scary story about how someone broke a pint glass on her FACE. She seems to be doing nicely though which is great to hear.

Here’s an email from a guy I hadn’t heard from in YEARS. Ladies and gentlemen, the illustrious Charles Tan:

Hello friend,

in uni now, NUS (national university of Singapore)
in a couple of years time you can come visit my dental chair (assuming
pass this rape-ass course).

take it


Charles was a good buddy of mine from highschool. He was in to comics and cards and stuff. Off the top of my head, here are some Charlie Tan stories:

– got beaten up by Joanna Robles. From memory she tried to grab his crotch and ripped out his braces.
– I put him in a scorpion deathlock once on the condition that when I released the hold, he could do any submission move on me. I had him in for a couple of minutes and then ran away.
– him, Mike and Rod all ostracized me from their group when they found a different card game to play from the one I was playing. Nerdy goodness.

Good times.

Here’s some info on Rod. He’s in New York last I heard from him:

Alright Matey,

I’m in New York at the moment. This city really is
bizarre, my first night here i slept in a room made of lego blocks.
Actual lego, made into walls and a ceiling for this tiny room, i think there
was another room on the other side of the lego.

there are literally millions of tourists taking photos of the empty space where the wtc
used to be.. strange to come alll this way to see where something isn’t. So
far, I’ve been lost on the subway, lost in central park, lost in the museum,
and lost morning noon and night in down-, mid-, and up-town. its damnably
confusing but theres lots of nice stuff i could say about it. perhaps
another time.


Good old Rod.

Heard from Pat too. Good old Pat. He seems to be doing nicely on holiday in London.

Off for drinks tonight. Make the most of the last day of the holidays.

EDIT: Has anyone seen this new MSN? Its all different and stuff! What is this ‘Browse the Web TOGETHER’ feature? And I’m still waiting to use the whiteboard feature with someone.

Yey! Skins!

Posted by Edo @ 04:08 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Airwolf, that show is totally awesome.
Theme music makes the show

Posted by Pat @ 08/31/2003 07:12 PM AST

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