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World Cup 2010: The Netherlands vs Spain

This World Cup has been an interesting ride.  There has been plenty of talking points and a lot of crap early on but then in the later stages of the tournament the good stuff started to shine through.  Germany and The Netherlands have been particularly entertaining and we all came to love Maradonna, that Paraguayian naked lady and Paul the Octopus.  I’ve even learnt to tune out to the vuvuzela so it doesn’t bug me anymore.

Now we’ve reach the final this weekend where we are guaranteed to have a winner raise the Jules Rimmet trophy for the first time ever for their country.  Hopefully the game won’t disappoint.

It’s been a great month (no one got shot!) but my god am I looking forward to getting some proper sleep.

World Cup Finals Prediction: Will Paul go 7 from 7?

Maradonna: didn't disappoint

Larissa Riquelme: worth Google image searching

World Cup refs: Yellow cards for everyone!

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