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First post of 2004~!

Things didn’t really turn out how I expected. I didn’t think my New Years Eve night would only be four hours long or that I’d wake up 8 the next morning to do my uni assignment.

Let me recap since the last post which left off at the Christmas Eve Eve Party.

On Christmas Eve, we went to watch Lord of the Rings. Man was that movie ever sweet. I need to see it again on the big screen sometime soon. Has anyone seen a good quality bootleg of it in the stores yet?

Spent the night wrapping Christmas gifts. Lots of them. It was a quiet night in as the Priests were at a thing at Jess and Ben Tsang’s house and Jen was at home wrapping gifts too.

Christmas Day was awesome. Loads of good gifts. Let me list some of them:

– video camera
– Bosch Power Tools t-shirt
– Pulp Movies Calendar
– Japanese snack food
– chocolate
– lego
– Medal of Honor
– Balsberg bottle top opener
– Yanni Live At the Acropolis
– “The FAT Website” banner signed by Cleopatra
– League of Extraordinary Gentleman Volume 1 trade
– new red pants that are really really bright red
– rotting orange

That’s about the best haul I’ve had in years.

In the morning we watched the Super Mario Bros movie at the Priests. Man, that movie was really messed up. Everyone likes the jumping boots though. And Big Bertha being changed from a fish in the videogame to a rotund big breasted black woman in the film went down well.

Had the regular Yacht Club Christmas lunch. No old guy getting a stroke and pissing himself this year though. We did the now traditional photo on the jetti with me, Mike, Matt and Rod. I think the Priests have it on digital so you might see that uploaded here at some stage.

Had Christmas Dinner at our place. There was some SWEET ham brought over by my brother from New Zealand which was loads better than the stuff I brought in the past five years. Jen’s brother Dominic had like five helpings, that fat bastard.

Then we just unwound the rest of the night and watched South Park. [injoke] “Craaaab people….” [/injoke]

On Boxing Day I wanted to catch up with everyone again before I went to on the family trip to Mulu but my dad wouldn’t let me out the house (!) and was actually ignoring me (mature). Thank god my girlfriend lives next door. Otherwise I would’ve ended up seeing no one at all.

Next day the family drove to Miri. Had a nice seafood dinner at an outdoor restaurant. Some Chinese guy carried his son over to the patch of grass next to our table and pulled down his kids pants and made him pee. That was a bit rude.

Next day we got to Mulu. Don didn’t want to pay 20 ringgit for meals at the resort restaurant so he found this shed across the road which served noodles for 2 ringgit instead.

Went in to the jungle for a hike to get to the caves and it started pissing down with rain. We had this insanely old guy with a walking stick in our group too so we had to wait half an hour at each checkpoint while he caught up. We went to the Deer cave which is the largest cave in the world (i think). It also had 2 MILLION bats in it so the place smelt like a toilet and it was actually raining bat urine. They do this cool thing at 5pm where they all simultaneously go out to feed. 2 million bats swarming looks pretty sweet. Like the swarming agents of Saruman in Fellowship of the Ring. It’s just this freakishly large black mist that swirls around.

When we got back we all fell flat on our backs, stricken with FOOD POISONING OF DOOM~! Everyone except for my dad who has an iron stomach. The rest of the Mulu trip we were ill. We went through about 8 plys of bog roll between us and threw up the rest of what we ate. Character building.

For New Years we went to the yacht club at 10. We ate, counted down New Years, hugged, danced to some songs (the New Year song the band played was No Doubt’s Underneath It All….eh?), sat down and then went home at 2. It was all over in four hours. There were some perks. We got chocolate cake for Karen Halligans birthday. Luciana told us about the Priest brothers red underwear tradition and Michael Phillips was there. And of course it was great that Jen was there since everyone else was in Labuan (and rightfully so).

Hope everyone had a sweet New Years and posts some good stories soon. Maybe some pictures too.


Posted by Edo @ 08:50 PM AST [Link] [9 comments]

Replies: 9 comments

Happy New Year Tom

Posted by Edo @ 01/03/2004 08:06 AM AST

Wow, is Faten gay. If not Matt is gaylord!

Posted by Tommy @ 01/03/2004 01:22 AM AST

hahhaa NOT THE POOL!!!! omg. 😛

Posted by Faten @ 01/02/2004 04:12 PM AST

Faten got some pussy! … oh wait…

Posted by Matt @ 01/02/2004 11:44 AM AST

Faten got some pussy! … oh wait…

Posted by Matt @ 01/02/2004 11:42 AM AST

Happy New Year Becky!!

Did Faten have sex in the Empire pool?

Posted by Edo @ 01/02/2004 11:25 AM AST

Happy New Years my T-shirt buddy!!!

Posted by Becky @ 01/02/2004 10:15 AM AST

Nice one scoring the vid cam. I’ll write up summin about my new year’s when I get copies of the pictures.

Posted by Dan @ 01/02/2004 02:43 AM AST

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! I can’t really explain mine on my blog because it’s very much disapproved of in Brunei, but it was fun. haha.

Posted by Faten @ 01/01/2004 10:44 PM AST

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