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The Bachelor Weekend

This weekend Cindy has gone to visit her parents leaving me on my own for three nights – so I have got some serious time in with the Xbox, Twitter and PartyPoker. Bit bored now so looking forward to her coming home tomorrow. I am conscious that computers and video games provide much more entertainment than TV these days.

I also managed to go on a few runs this weekend because in September we have challenged ourselves to do the Windsor half marathon:

We did an 8 mile run in April and it felt really good to achieve it – so whilst we were in relatively good shape and after some serious badgering from a guy at work – we signed up for Windsor. I got the t-shirt too! Come September, will have to cut down on boos and get some serious training in – I am aiming for about 2 hrs 5 min.

Just finished watching the Wimbledon final – which was ridiculously long. Federer ended up winning 16-14 in the 5th set. Then they have to go for interviews and all sorts of other PR stuff and they must have been freaking knackered after a gruelling four hour tennis match. Roddick after losing looked a mess – he lost his service game once – the last game of the match. As much as I did want Fed to win – I felt bad for Roddick who gave everything he had into the final.

On the sports note – the Lions series just finished against South Africa which I was following really closely. Amazing series – even though the Lions lost on a last minute penalty in the 2nd test. I can safely say Rugby is my new sport of choice to watch – its so exciting. England suck right now at it – so will be good to see how Martin Johnson coaches them going into the Autumn internationals.

On the movie front – I am not really good at doing good detailed reviews like Edo and Matt. However, I highly recommend a new German movie called The Wave. Its subtitled in England – and details the story of a teacher turning his class with modern day students into a “fascist like” group of people. At the beginning of the movie the students said Fascism would never exist again after the Nazis, however, just in a week the teacher challenged them to think like one group of people and not individuals. A very believable movie with a strong message. Check it out.

Found out Fifa 10 is coming out in October in the UK 🙁 and Prison Break season 4 DVD box set is out tomorrow!! 🙂

I have been invited to another Thames cruise by a client on Thursday so looking forward to that with the sunny weather London has been getting recently…

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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  1. Sounded like some much needed time off my man.. sorry i didnt get around to seeing you. Was on deadlines and Saturday was a blur..

    The wave is a really good movie isn’t it? I really enjoyed it and although I think the story has been done before I thought it was one of the better movies to come out in the last 6-8 months.

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