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The World Needs More Trigs

Happy American Independence Day everyone.

I see that Sarah Palin announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska today.  There were some rumours earlier in the day that she might have been looking for a senate seat or that this move was geared towards kickstarting a 2012 Presidential campaign but I believe its confirmed that Palin is not only resigning as Governor but she is also leaving politics entirely.

Anyone who followed the 2008 American presidential race knows that it easily provided the best entertainment on television that year.  Sarah Palin, though a relative latercomer to the Republican campaign, was a big player who came out of obscurity and became headline news (for various reasons).  For Republicans, she was a bigger talking point that Sean Hannity, Joe the Plumber or even presidential nominee John McCain himself.  Palin was a larger than life figure, who’s complete lack of political savvy and apparent inability to name a single newspaper that she reads, didn’t stop her from enthusiastically embracing the spotlight and becoming the voice of Americans who were concerned whether Barack Obama was a secret Muslim socialist who pals around with terrorists.

Farewell, sweet Alaskan princess

Farewell, sweet Alaskan princess

Palin’s farewell speech was….actually, I don’t know what the hell it was.  She rambles for a good few minutes, putting emphasis on buzz words (ALASKA!) and she cites a quotation from her parent’s fridge magnet.  Theres some other stuff going on there too, but honestly, I’ve tried listening to this thing a couple of times and I actually have no idea what she’s talking about.  So in other words, she doesn’t disappoint. Just as quickly as Sarah Palin came into our lives and warmed our hearts with her hilariously stupid and hateful rhetoric, it looks like she will just as abruptly be leaving us for good.

See if you can work out whats going on here:


Palin’s announcement on her official website leaves us with this closing quotation:

“We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”

And with that, I would like to end this post with some classic Sarah moments:


Also, might I add that Todd “First Dude” Palin is awesome:


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  1. Good Blog – I thought exactly the same thing when I watched her speech. It didn’t really make sense. She said Hell Yeah which made me laugh. There are so many quotes in that speech to highlight!!

  2. Actually – I think shes gone a bit mad

  3. i found this whole thing really shocking, who the heck just randomly resigns from office with no warning whatsoever? and then gives some unintelligible, retarded speech referencing basketball as justification.

    so i followed some stuff up and among the standard grumblings of preparing for the presidential race in 2012 and the book deal she signed with Rupert Murdoch, it looks like she may be doing it just in time for some scary-ass embezzlement indictments that are heading her way. check out the link for some more info, a bit liberally slanted but a decent enough read, we’ll see how things pan out in the coming weeks.

  4. Well she’s now apparently threatening to sue the shit out of a Huffington Post blogger. I’m guessing we’ll hear more dirt soon?

    Surely this can’t be a play at 2012 though. How the hell does quitting halfway through your job make you better positioned to be a presidential candidate?

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