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Holiday goodness

Man, it’s great to be on holiday. It’s been a hectic first half of year and I’m on top of the world right now. Kicking back my feet and relaaaaxing. Let me tell you how I did nothing for six days. I’m sure this isn’t very interesting to read but I don’t really care.

On Wednesday I met up with my friend Denise to watch Shanghai Knights. Good mindless fun. I spent the night at Denise and Mcgees house. We stayed up talking about lesbians. Almost on cue, Christine text messaged me telling me she was digging some hot lesbian action on tv. I gotta remember that show next Wednesday.

On Thursday I went to see Denise and Mcgee’s work at the documentary screenings at uni. It took SEVEN HOURS. Virtually all the docos were awesome though except for one glaringly awful exception. Unfortunately, the guy who made it was a buddy so no one had the heart to tell him his film sucked. He was pretty adamant that it was decent and he even thought the markers had a grudge against him or something. And since no one had the cajones to tell him otherwise, I think he hates these two tutors now. Too bad.

Went to the pub afterwards to celebrate. Got kinda drunk but couldn’t keep up with Mcgee and Mel. Mcgee was playing pool and dancing like Elaine in Seinfeld. Mel BIT ME three times and then started asking me if I was in to Mcgee and if I masturbated over her (!). Six days later, I still have teeth-marks in my shoulder. Mel is funny like that when she’s drunk. She spilt red wine on my white shirt the time before that. But its all good.

On Friday I saw Secretary with Mcgee. Didn’t understand it at all. Neither did she. Can anyone explain this film to me? Maybe you have to be in to the whole sadism and masochism stuff but I couldn’t work out why anyone fell in love, when anyone fell in love or how they fell in love. It’s just all spanking and nudity and humiliating a sexy submissive secretary. Mcgee FINALLY bought the last four issues of New X-men which I promptly borrowed off her. I spent the night at Denise and Mcgees. Polly called me up at 1 in the morning asking me to come out to town. I told her I was with Mcgee but that didn’t really seem to phase her and she kept asking. But I was pretty tired and was enjoying hanging out with Mcgee. I felt kinda guilty. Maybe I should’ve gone?

On Saturday, I had lunch in Subiaco with a bunch of people. We knew the girl who was waitressing but unfortunately, she fucked up our order and we got her in trouble. Oops. Mcgee and this dude Phillip came back to my house to mooch around and do nothing in particular. Back to Mcgee’s for dinner. Phillip cooks a MEAN taco feast. After eating we ordered some meat and shrimp pizza and watched the Jackass DVD. Spent the rest of the night lying around like SLOTHS soaking up the holiday goodness and the fact that we have no assignments or anything. Spent the night at Mcgee and Denises.

On Sunday, Mcgee went to work until 4 so I went to the city. Not realising it was Sunday, I was bummed when I got to town and everything was shut. So I just sat at the internet cafe for an hour. I called Polly and told her I was coming over. I went over and saw her for the first time in like 2 months. She looked really happy to see me which was nice. She was in pajamas and longjons and seemed to be freezing cold which was weird because it was a pretty hot day. She seemed a little fidgety or something because she went outside to hammer 1 nail in to a wooden gate that she never uses (eh?). She told me on Friday night she got dressed to go out and was sad when I didn’t come out with her. That made me feel pretty bad. We went for coffee. She told me she found out Andy’s age. Let me explain. This guy Andy, who’s family has been friends with Nigel’s family for GENERATIONS, is totally secretive about his age. People kinda guess he’s between thirty and forty but no one really knows except people in Nigel and Andy’s families. It’s like a secret society and no one has ever found out his age. Polly though, is so down with the family that she found out through Nigel’s mom at her birthday! She told me she would tell me his age on the condition I hang out with her next Friday. I feel kinda bad for being so curious, especially when Polly told me Andy looked REALLY CUT when Nigel’s mom said his age outloud. But the way she is teasing me with this is totally peaking my interest. I am *so close* to finding out! To be honest, after all the build up, I don’t really actually really care how old the guy is except he’s so secretive about it I half expect he’s actually something astonishing like 15 years old or 115. Polly quite aggresively made sure I would be hanging out with her when she finishes school at the end of next week so I guess I’m gonna find out.

RAN back to Leederville to meet Mcgee when she knocked off work. Had a nice long chat about the value of friendship and stuff on the way home. See, Mcgee is going through a tough time with someone she is really tight with. Spent the night mooching around by the fireplace. Man, its been years since I enjoyed a good fire in winter. Normally, I just freeze my nuts off and I’m too tight to just go and buy a heater. But Mcgee’s house has a killer fire that just makes you melt. Awesome. This is what holidays are about. Had a brutally large meat sandwich and wine. Woo! Spent the night at Mcgee and Denises house. Kate called to ask who got evicted off Big Brother. I kinda raised an eyebrow at the idea of making an international call for something you can readily get online. Maybe my maths is screwy but I think she called at midnight to check this too.

Polly called Monday morning from a library. She told me Andy wanted to know when I was going to Brunei (?) and if I wanted some dessert from her place because she has an entire bucket of this stuff I’ve never heard of. Not many foods are served in bucket portions. I’m just saying. Went to university to touch up my corporate documentary before me and Sarah show it to the clients tomorrow morning. We’re pretty nervous. Hope they like it.

Finally emailed my travel agent regarding the trip to Brunei. Should get a reply and booking by tomorrow.

Tonight I’m curling up with a bowl of icecream and playing videogames.

Man it’s good to be on holiday. It’s even sweeter after such a long and trying semester.


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