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Seattle, Holland, V-Town

Since getting a full-time job that demands physical labour…my weight has dropped to 150 pounds, i am actually close to skinny now. Its kinda weird to be called scrawny instead of fat, hmmm….oh well.

Last night was Saturday night, now i had high expectations as last Saturday was just a great all-round party experience that had a little bit of everything. A pre-drink session with good buddies, have a few laughs then head out to the local ‘college’ pub where you know every other person there. Have a few beers, chat it up with some people you havent seen for a while to see what everyone is up to then have some more beers and head out to the club. Meet girl, have more beers, buddies say its really time to leave as Subway closes soon. Have one more beer and head to bed.

Now thats a solid party night in my opinion. Last night involved just being lazy and taking no initative to do anything.

Its now June! I leave to live on my own in Europe in three months, WOW!…wake up call. Better start saving soon.

July 22nd in Seattle and at the brand new Seahawk stadium with 60,000 capacity is MAN UTD vs CELTIC, doesnt that have roadtrip written all over it. So i still have to buy tickets but i am most likely going to watch my two favourite teams play eachother, i wonder what the atmosphere will be like in Seattle for it. Should be interesting. Apparantely Beckham, Van Nisterooy..etc are going to be there, i am so looking forward to this.

Hey Matt, Man Utd play Juventus too on their US tour. But you live in england, nevermind. Sam you live in the states, maybe they play by you.

I bought the new Marilyn Manson album as i cant say i dont like his music as shown by me still having edo’s copy of mechanical animals. I reccommend it, most of the songs are pretty rad and its pretty different to the usual stuff.

After chatting to Edo about it, if you had kids would you let them go to Labuan at 15 years old with $300 to spend. Where Labuan is KNOWN for being a place where people go to drink and pick up hookers, well ours did. What were they thinking?

My brother got a job working at Douglas Lake Ranch, some huge ass resort in the middle of BC and its owned by Worldcom!! of those companies with accounting scandles. Anyways, he lives there and gets fed as well as getting a fair pay cheque, not too bad of a deal. I dont know what kind of work he does though.

One thing i have noticed about this town i live in that has a population of 40,000 people. Where half of that are pensioners…anyways its a small place. You can meet anyone new, and its guaranteed someone else you know, knows that person. So you never get to a fresh look on someone as you always hear about that person from your friends. Everyone backstabs everyone and everyone knows the dirt on everyone. I need to get out of here and come back and visit rather than live here. But who really cares anyways.

I’m tired anyways.

Posted by Pat @ 04:40 AM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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The Manson album is awesome..hes gone back to his hard rock style without the satanic theme. Rather stuff about fucking over women and hitting people.
But since i bought it, it hasnt left my car stereo…its just good heavy rock that you really cant find anymore.

And Matt…I am moving to Holland this a place named Villisgen (spelling)…for about four months…then may move to another country in Europe for another five.

I’ll blog to let you guys know whats happening

Posted by Pat the grunt @ 06/03/2003 03:04 AM AST

How is the Manson album? Mechanical Animals is so awesome. I actually bought another copy.

Posted by Edo @ 06/02/2003 12:19 PM AST

Juve-Man Utd… footballing goodness! When are you off to holland? where you going and for how long?


Posted by Matt @ 06/02/2003 10:19 AM AST

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