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What is your definition of jealously?

mine: last night (saturday) was immensly uneventful. i did absolutly nothing. how seriously depressing. Although at 1am i was woken up by a phonecall from my friend Tim. He asked me what i was up to and i said fuck all, hoping he would then invite me out. but no. he then proceeded to tell me that he’d had ‘the best fucking night of his life’. why you ask, simple… HE’D JUST SEEN IRON MADIEN LIVE AT THEIR ONLY UK DATE THIS YEAR!!! asshole.

yep thats right, tim went to the much talked about download festival… the one that i couldnt go to cause i didnt have £80 spare… if this was enough reason to be jealous the fact that tim got in for free on a ‘press pass’ adds even more fuel to the fire. argh.

If it anoys you when friends of yours get into highly priced festivals on bogas press passes share some of my jealousy by checking out the line up of the fest here

On a seperate note. i called my friend up today while he was having sex. i was hurt when he told me that i wasnt allowed to hold on the line and listen in. damn.

go listen to the majestic sound of Barry White in your tighty-whities.

Posted by Matt @ 10:31 AM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

i am jealous of all of you, you can buy beer and other alcoholic productsa nd i can’t, i share matts jealoscy of this tim fello who saw iron maiden, i am also jealous of patts brother he works for a corrupt reasort he gets a bed and food and get paid as well, being 15 and in brunei sucks ass

Posted by chris @ 06/03/2003 12:04 AM AST

wait…I am most jealous of Mike’s beer and bowling nights. I try so goddamed hard to get my buddies in Perth to go bowling with me but no dice.

Posted by Edo @ 06/02/2003 02:01 PM AST

I’m pretty jealous of Pat’s football excursion. And Sam’s job. And your huge travel plans. There’s probably some more but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

Posted by Edo @ 06/02/2003 12:18 PM AST

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