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Spy Magazine Readers vs Edo

Matt, I didn’t even know there was a crisis in Congo. I blame West Australia, a state that is geographically larger than Texas, all of Great Britain and Ireland put together, yet only has one local newspaper in distribution (and its pretty terrible). I remember recently they had a *tiny* article which said something to the effect of ‘Civil War in Indonesia, could be a lot of casualities etc. not really newsworthy’. I mean COME ON, Indonesia has the world’s fourth largest population and is like right next to Australia and they can’t give this decent coverage?

Pretty underwhelming Saturday. I think I went to bed at like 10. No one came over to visit or nothing. I just like sat at home by myself, did a smattering of homework and watched Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition with the cast commentary on (thrilling, I know).

I got called a self righteous whiny three old in a comment a couple of posts down. Bloody hell. That’s a bit much isn’t it? I always try hard to make a good impression but I guess you can’t please everyone. It reminds me of something that happened a couple of years back in Brunei at some school disco. I was kinda thirsty at the end of the night and wanted some water. So I went to where the drinks booth was and there were Dian and Roger. I went up and said ‘hi’ and was about to ask for some water. I remember Dian was all ‘What the hell do you want’ and Roger said something to the effect of ‘here take my hat and leave me alone’. I don’t think I had ever spoken to this guy before when this all happened. He thought I was going to bully him or something so he was offering me his hat to leave him alone! What in the world kind of terrible reputation must I have had that on first meeting, this guy thinks I’m going to pick on him?

I also remember Jess regularly seeking assurance from me that I actually liked her. I loved Jess and at the time, she was one of my best friends. That’s crap when a person who you consider one of your best friends has to ask that. I remember she said something along the lines of ‘Oh I was at some beach party and Tim Dalman said you thought I was annoying and didnt want to hang out with me’. It bothered me that Jess would take the word of this guy who didn’t hang out with me and actually assume there was any of grain of truth to the matter and actually start to think I really didn’t like her before even bothering to talk to me about it.

All I ask is a little faith in me getting things right when I fuck up. I think thats only fair. Thats all I have to say about that.

Although I’m starting to think its something of a ratings killer to mention it, I spent a good deal of this afternoon exercising and working out. I’m starting to get these weeny little bumps on my stomach. ABDOMINAL GOODNESS! Hopefully, I can grows these little babies out with some well maintained exercise. The real test will be if I can keep the discipline once the holidays start.

It seems Justin will return soon. Keep an eye out. I don’t know if you should expect a new layout or anything. I think he’s just off doing ‘real life stuff’ for a while. I guess we find out soon enough.

I got a call from Polly this afternoon and she kept stressing that I get a job or do some work experience. She’s probably right. I’m not sure if she realised it, but she came off kind of motherly in the whole chat. She asked what I got up to in the weekend and stuff in much the same tone that my mom does. That’s kinda odd. I never got that vibe before.

Matt, when do you go to Brunei, dude?

Hope you all had a good weekend. Look forward to reading about it.

Posted by Edo @ 01:41 AM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

pretty sure it was. though i was drinking at the time. but yeah, i am like 99% certain.

Posted by Edo @ 06/02/2003 11:45 PM AST

er..i so don’t remember that. Are u sure it was me?

Posted by dee @ 06/02/2003 11:09 PM AST

You’re very welcome to visit in October/November dude.

Posted by Edo @ 06/02/2003 06:12 PM AST

dude. i am not going back to brunei this summer. shitty aye?! but i’ve gotta stay here and make some money so i can travel next year.

speaking of which, think i can come over to auz and stay with you for a week or two in October/november time?

Posted by Matt @ 06/02/2003 10:15 AM AST

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