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Go on, say ‘beer can’ in a Jamaican accent

o who would have ever imagined this day would come… i have finally finished my school; forever! mind you all of the others on this site have so i guess it dont mean shit to you. but anyway, this is my moment and i aint gonna sell it short.

Holy Shit!! i’ve finished school!! argh! how surreal! i’m gonna put exclaimation marks everywhere!! so good!

i hope that displayed at least a fraction of the extreme delight and yet unnervingness that i am feeling right now.

I dont know whether it is cause i’ve been a boarder for the past two years and that i’ve been living in close proximaty with all my friends but it was really hard to say goodbye to them. i’m talking, maybe not as hard as at Erin Wallis’ party in 2001 where everyone on this site had to say fairwell to one another, but there were similar connections: for example, everyone was in tears as we were saying ‘I’ll see you tommorow man, sleep well!’ emotional stuff.

I fucking hate leaving all the time.

i want everyone to think about the day when they first left school. shed a tear or two.

Posted by Matt @ 11:05 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Congratulations dude on finishing school. It is a big deal and I remember feeling quite empty when I had to leave Brunei and when I had to leave New Zealand as well.

…and funnily enough, I may have to do it all again at the end of this year too.

Posted by Edo @ 05/24/2003 08:00 PM AST

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