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London Olympics 2012: Gif-fest

It’s been a memorable couple of weeks, hasn’t it?

Sweet shot of the iron-forged rings from the opening ceremony

Ridiculous save from the American Women’s volleyball team

Hipster Korean archers are pretty gud


Awesome Independent Athletes from the Opening Ceremony being awesome

Shin A Lam’s sit-in protest

Kim Un Guk salutes the crowd after winning gold in weightlifting

Saving a penalty in handball is damn near impossible 🙁

The Egyptian is run through

Michael Phelp’s mother mistakenly thinks he’s won gold in the 200m butterfly

I don’t even know

Jess Ennis <3


Sweden <3



Ezekiel Kemboi celebrates gold in the 3000m steeple chase

If you look closely, you can see a ruptured testicle fly offscreen

Foul ball

Bolt being a jerk

It’s a shame its going to be over soon 🙁

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