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I shoulda been a porn star


I had the funniest day today. I woke up this morning thinking, right i gotta go help Anna with her photography project. Her theme for her project was basically Kissing, and me and Rob were going to be her subjects. It was weird making out with someone snapping away at you under the lights. It got hilarious when she wanted us to get ‘raunchier’ and we there was snap shots of hands and underwear. I can understand why porn stars do their job now, you dont feel very self concious when you’re having a laugh and know the people around you. Nothing dirty happened (i know that’s what you were thinking you filthy sods) but still…respect to the porn industry.

After that, we went around uni looking for people that were willing to do the same, and my wonderful skills of persuasion blagged two other couples. So now there are beautiful shots of people getting it on for her project! I’ll try post some of them up soon. They look really good, and they’re in black and white. Its sooooo artsy fartsy. Hah.

I’m meant to be writing an essay for my Contemporary Issues module, critising the government’s Communications Bill. BORING. I dont care, and i’m not interested.

I cooked for the third time in a row for the flat. Teriyaki stir fry. Its funny how much detail you go on about when theres something more urgent to be done. I’m eating peanut MnM’s…did boys play with the red ones like llipstick when they were little, or was i just weird?

Right chuckles, I’m out. At least i know that if i fail Uni, i can always fall back on eroticism. Hah.

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