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When I was browsing through my Twitter feed this morning, I noticed that Twitter seems to have become a hotbed for Internet flamewars.

Mike and Sam:

@MikePriest q: does liking the last alkaline trio record even though its not that good make a dedicated fan or a sheep?

@itscozimenglish a: i think technically it makes you a 16 year old girl. with too much make-up. it’s ok though, i didn’t mind it either.

@MikePriest your mom wears too much make up. I have alk 3 tattoos. Be carefull what you say.

@MikePriest ahh I love a good twitter fight. I feel like it needs a name. How about twargument? Or twisagreement?

@itscozimenglish haha, i like twisagreement. only i wasn’t aware we were arguing, so i went to bed. you fight like a dairy farmer! =p

Chris Jericho and The Miz:

@mikethemiz you’re gay

@IAmJericho u flat iron ur hair n im the gay one?

@mikethemiz hmmmm good call. Then again u use mounds of sculpting paste to assemble your purple fauxhawk as u admire yourself in the mirror

@IAmJericho if u looked this good u would do the same

@mikethemiz if I looked that good I would put a bag on my head

@IAmJericho i cant do this back n forth my dad always taught my to respect the elderly.

@mikethemiz Did he teach u to say “do u want fries with that?”…might come in handy someday.

@IAmJericho it did come in handy back in 1996 remember those days when u actually had hair. its cool though bald is the new black.

Tried to surf today but I was worse than a Miz match..

@IAmJericho i ate some bad food i have to go take a chris jericho

Just heard Miz’s match tonight in Adelaide was cancelled due to lack of interest…

@IAmJericho as i sit here in the stalls of jericho i cant get this parasite out does anyone have a code breaker?

I’m glad Miz thinks of me when he’s taking a dumpski. I think of him when I’m banging his mum…

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