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Underaged attention

The streets were quiet that Saturday night when I walked down the road looking for the girl who had run off. I was coming down from an initial alcoholic high where I was grimacing with each foul shot of Smirnoff vodka and lemonade (it was late, and there was little left in the way of drinks). Now I was feeling peaceful, but very tired. It was a reflection of the neighbourhood around me, the harsh illumination of the street lights and the occasional motion sensor tripping to light the entire front porch of someone’s house lighting up what would be a very dark street, placing everything in sharp profile.


The scene was very similar to October of last year, where I had visited a friend of a friend’s house. After a while, a girl had run off in an alcoholic stupor, forcing people to organise a search party. That same girl was now yelling at Brad, and it was her best friend now that had gone missing. It was with that same person that I had had an animated chat about hard house dj’s, owning one’s own home, and retired comedy trios (this conversation was merely an extension of the bond we shared in having the same hair colour).


I don’t know what it is about drunken underage girls who feel the need to put themselves in danger so that they can either be alone for a bit, or just to get attention from those who wish to see them safe. Not only is it mystifying, it’s rather annoying when I see it repeated over again.



I’ve been tweaking my Rikku-themed desktop for the past couple of weeks with some degree of success, although the winamp plugin that comes with the desktop skinning program doesn’t like to show the artist of the song being played. Each of the buttons can be clicked on to bring up different windows and programs; for instance, the ‘i’ will bring up the internet browser, the ‘m’ will load up the music window, ‘x’ loads Windows Explorer, etc. I like the way it’s turned out so far.

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