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Cheer up, its not goodbye. It’s just that we won’t ever see each other again


It doesn’t really get much worse does it? I mean, you’re pissed off when you’re team under-performs. Or if they finish midtable. Or if they squander a cup final. But relegation is something no one should have to witness their team go through. And the realisation that all the great players don’t really have much choice but to leave the club now. There’s not even much of a guarantee that Westham will get back in to the Premier league anytime soon. EdoHulk angry! EdoHulk smash!

In Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby said (well, through his character) that the results of your football team generally reflect your mood and how things are going in your life. Compare Juventus’ performance to Westham’s and then compare the tone of my posts with Matt’s.

Nuts to this.

In a funny twist of how dismal things are, football-wise, I can’t get Championship Manager 4 to run. It simply will not work in any form. I’ve applied the latest patches and waded through their FAQs and nothing. I asked a friend and his advice was to reinstall Windows. Hmph.

Had a chat with Polly in the afternoon. It was the first time I’d talked to her in a couple of weeks. It was really nice hearing her voice and catching up. But I still need some time to myself to clear my head. Thankfully, she is understanding. I kinda freaked when she told me she had PERMANENTLY damaged her arm, but thankfully that turned out to be a false alarm. It *only* fractured or got really banged up or something. She told me she’s supposed to be wearing a sling but she doesn’t wear it outdoors (Polly=fashion conscious to the death). That girl worries me sometimes.

Good news: The Seafood Restaurant in Labuan has reopened! I’m so there when I go back to Brunei for the holidays. I remember me and Pat and some others spent like 200 bucks for one meal there. We must’ve eaten every conceivable type of dead animal in the sea AND on land (Pat ordered chicken and sizzling beef). Good times. I’m going to drag Matt and Angela to Labuan for another million games of bowling, alcohol abuse and seafood. Polly’s sister Jan can look after us again ala New Year.

I’ll leave it on that positive note.

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