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U.S Presidential Elections 2012: Celebrity Tweeter


When the Canadian Broadcasting Company wanted to cover the Mitt Romney Chipotle photo, they wrote an article about how it was received on the Internet.  They sourced some reactions from all usual trend setters on the web – Reddit, DailyKos and…edotherocket’s twitter feed.   Source:

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The Best and Worst of 2010

Looking back on 2010, here’s an assortment of topics off the top of my head that stood out as being worthy highlights or forgettable lowlights for the year. The Best of the Year The iPad I picked up an iPad at launch when it came out in May this year and am still absolutely in love with it.  It’s simple ...

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Wither Facebook?

I’m sure it’s going to be me and Jen doing the same thing one day but until such a time comes, I’d love to know if there is a way to filter babies out of Facebook.  What I find is that baby photos and baby-related status updates always attract the most number of comments and ‘likes’ therefore they end up ...

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The FAT Website Show – The Vodcast: Part One

While Mike and Matt were in Brisbane we had a go at recording a video podcast, or a ‘vodcast’.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really work.  We had six people, two video cameras (one which ran out of memory half way through recording), five regular cameras and no organisation for what we were going to talking about.  It took a little while ...

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Wedding, Twitter and other ballacks


After 10 years of thefatwebsite and all the members involved. Edo is the first to get married (or as far as I know). Congratulations once again duder. I saw this photo the other day and realise how far we have come in terms of age! We are all so skinny! I was walking to the shop yesterday and I noticed ...

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When I was browsing through my Twitter feed this morning, I noticed that Twitter seems to have become a hotbed for Internet flamewars. Mike and Sam: @MikePriest q: does liking the last alkaline trio record even though its not that good make a dedicated fan or a sheep? @itscozimenglish a: i think technically it makes you a 16 year old ...

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Weekend of Michael Jackson, 5 Second Reviews and Jen

Jen came down to visit me in Sydney on Friday.  She just left to catch her flight a couple of hours ago It was great to have some company on the weekend and we took the time together to wander around and eat at some of the city’s many cafes and restaurants.  After a weekend of seafood platters, Belgian chocolate ...

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Weekend of Twitter

So I signed up to Twitter this weekend.  I’m still getting my head around how it all works.  I’ll get a hang of it over time I guess.  The spam protection thing where you have to type in the word on the screen was racier than I expected. So anyway, I’m at  Please follow my Twitter if you need ...

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The dinner party

I went to a small dinner party last night with two friends from work and their partners.  It was an enjoyable evening  and it was also the first time I had met the wives of these particular guys that I work with.  They both had rather interesting careers:  one of them was an art curator and the other was a ...

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