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I don’t practise Santeria

i love sublime.

Anyway, i am now newly single (dont go there) and i also have bright red hair again. I missed it. I stained my bestest jeans doing it tho, and the bathtub at home is still pink. Phooey. I’m also moving out of my house into an apartment with my best mate here and three other fellas. I cant wait. Man…didnt think that so much would happen so early in the year. I am smoking more cigarettes than ever, and i am eating even less, the life of a student isnt all its cracked up to be. Much of it spent thinking of the next time you’re out on the raz or how to scrounge money to buy the net drink/smokes/food and alla that. I have to ask Tim, whats your email address anyway?

Theres a protest march in Trafalgar Square on Saturday…i’m contemplating going but i know that the tube is going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE crammed full of people and their anti-war campaigns. It might be interesting, but i’ll see how it goes. My friends are going, but everywhere they go chaos follows…actually maybe i will go!

Tonight at the union is Lovealicious, and my housemate is being ‘auctioned’ off with a bunch of other guys and girls. Sounds funny, and i’ll be out on the raz tonight. If one more person asks me what i’ve done with my hair i’m gonna have to chuck a hissy fit. I did it with a felt tip, what the hell do you think i did??? Idiots.

Anyway. I missed Sex in the City last night, and i’m still not happy. I saw Lord of the Rings last week…that movie is so long i had to go to the bathroom twice. And i have super bladder, so this goes to show how long it was. I was still impressed.

I’m gone.


Posted by Angela @ 09:22 PM AST [Link]

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Protest rallies are great social events. I too, ruined my pants dying my hair (my orange pants). They now have a dirty big permanent stain so I can only wear the pants at home. Let that be a lesson.

Posted by Edo @ 02/20/2003 03:22 AM AST

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