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And Out Come The Wolves

rancid have apparently signed to warner.

looks like they’re running with the pack now. fucking crazy.

Posted by Mike @ 10:48 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

the last album, which is entitled “Rancid” as well, is a lot heavier than their previous stuff. i believe it’s not to everyone’s taste and a lot the songs aren’t as memorable as ones on their previous records. but it’s still a pretty solid release.

Posted by mike @ 06/14/2003 08:23 PM AST

after “…and out come the wolves” came “life won’t wait” which was a little more mellow with a definate reggae influence. I got it on vinyl and it’s not a bad album, in fact it’s really good. but like I said, not as upbeat as their earlier stuff. I havn’t heard a lot of the latest album but from what I have, it does go back to some of their earlier roots…both albums are worth checking out.

Posted by jassa @ 06/14/2003 04:32 AM AST

I bought Rancid (1993), Let’s Go, and …And Out Come The Wolves when they were released, but haven’t really followed the band since. How is their more recent work? Comparable to the older stuff?

Posted by DJ Decepticon @ 06/14/2003 03:05 AM AST

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