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Sleep with all the lights on

So, its half term this weekend. and things arnt looking as shabby as they were this time last week. Although i do not have a show to prepare for this weekend, it is made up by the fact that i am off to France!

It does sound kinda dodgy the fact that i’m off backpacking round the south of France with my friends, Adam and Ben, on Valentines weekend… should be seriously kick ass though. its like a Road Trip… french style! … without the car.

Tonight my band are recording an ecostic gig which will be recorded on VCD and released. The title: “Killing Convention: Unplugged and oppressed” … I will say that this is heavily influenced by the Dashboard Confessional unplugged album which i have recently come to worship.

*Please send me anything but signals that are mixed.


Posted by Matt @ 06:13 PM AST [Link]

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whats an ecostic gig?

Posted by Sam @ 02/13/2003 06:39 AM AST

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