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You’ve become everything that you hated


Long time no blabber into blog section.

Well, the USA hasnt changed much. I am still searching for a job, quite unsucessfully. One would think that there would be a nice little telemarketing job out there, to pay me a nice $700-$1000 a week, but no!

So yeah, I am still living on shoe strings, which is not fun.

I played football today and some dude kicked the ball right in my nads. I couldn’t breathe, and the pain was overwhelming. To be fair, it was probably the most painful thing that have ever happened to me, including getting hit by a car.
Everything was blurry for a while.

Well, I guess thats my valentines day shot to shit!

(like I was going to get any anyway!)

I got a real life letter in the mail today. It was most exciting. Like, a real one, hand written and all that. I nearly wet myself.

Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer, so I’m just going to throw this out there to be shot down in flames by Edo. Does anyone else think that the Tatu chicks are minging? Like, just a pair of rough, dyke-like lesbians? I mean, I don’t really get off on lesbians at the best of times, so a pair of ugly ones really isn’t going to float my boat…

I downloaded the entireity of Debbie Does Dallas 2000 today, it’s one of the greatest porns I have ever seen.

Posted by Sam @ 01:14 PM AST [Link]

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I kinda retract my initial enthusiasm of Tatu. I like the IDEA of the group. The girls are okayish but I read that their manager is some crusty old guy who slept with both of them and rules over them with an iron fist. Who cares? Their pictures are popular and give us hits.

Posted by Edo @ 02/20/2003 03:21 AM AST

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