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The Art of Nick J Boyd

This was a pleasant surprise.  Nick is a longtime reader of The FAT Website and a guy who I haven’t seen in over ten years.  I first got to know him when he lived in the same neighbourhood as my childhood friends the Priest brothers in Brunei.  I remember him being a skinny kid wearing the basketball tops of some terrible NBA side (I want to say the Hornets or the Magic) and generally being a good natured kid.  Whenever he comments on this site, I pretty much visualize him as being the same teenage kid from 1995.

This Friday, his posted a link to his blog which I’ve just now had a chance to check out.

It turns out that nowadays, Nick looks more like one of those guys that gets cast as Rugged Lead Male in those CW Network shows that my wife watches.

Nick Boyd - looks like the kind of guy who would be cast in a cop show as a character called Jack Carver

He has also developed into an incredible artist.  I mean, just look at this stuff:

I highly recommend checking out his website to see his full range of artwork.  And if you’re a New Zealand based TFW reader, get along to one of his galleries.

About Edo

Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. totally good stuff Nick.

    you need more beard though. just saying.

  2. Hey,

    Nice Edo! Cheers for the compliments and the post on the Fat web!
    Mike, the beard is coming in full force!

  3. Nice work dude, you have a real talent there!

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