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Don’t you hate it when a band you used to love does something really stupid?

You know what I had the misfortune to hear today? I heard “We Did It Again” by Metallica featuring Ja-Rule and Swiss B. I feel like my ears have been violated. I really can’t find any words to describe how horrible it is. For those of you with fast net connections, go ahead and download it and see what you think, but to me it sounds disjointed, like it was thrown together in about 10 minutes, and that they spent about 30 seconds of that time on actual lyrics.

It’s dire.

Why? Why did they do this? Why did a band that produced such moments of brillance…and I don’t really mean moments, I mean every song on every album up-to and including the Black album. How could a band that belted out Master of Puppets and One, and showed their pure musical genius with Welcome Home Sanitarium and Eye Of The Beholder decide to do a duet wih Ja-Rule. I thought that kind of thing was reserved for shitty actresses who are equally bad at singing…?

Cliff Burton must be turning in his grave.

Jason Newstead must be thanking his lucky stars he got out when he did.

If anyone else has heard this baseball bat sodomy of a song, leave a comment.

Posted by Sam @ 10:00 AM AST [Link]

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Metallica haven’t done shit in nearly 15 years now. Don’t get your hopes up that things are getting any better. The guy who produced their albums post-Black is now their bassist apparently.

Posted by Edo @ 02/03/2003 04:42 PM AST

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