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Bubba Gum Jubba

Home from work and its 7am….the beginning of the day. Oh well. One more day til the long weekend, and theres plenty of funds to have a good time.

I was talking to this guy that has worked at the place for two years…he makes $17/hr, plus benefits, 3 weeks vacation a year, and job security. Now if i was an uneducated person…this makes perfect sense to work there and then own a house and BMW by the time you hit mid-thirties. But my god, that would suck working at that plant 40 hours every week.

Ticketmaster is sold out of this Man Utd game…poo…now i have to buy tickets from a broker that charge way higher than they should…but i guess its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am sick of hearing about this Beckham transfer speculation. Sure the guy is a media icon…but if he moves…he moves….personally i cant see him transfering…hes staying at Man Utd in my mind until he is actually playing for Barca or Madrid.

Does anyone really KNOW what they want to do as a career. Because to be honest i am still clueless about what exact job i want to do?

Whos going to be in England / Scotland / Aberdeen…..this christmas Holidays…i know its a long time away…but i will be there…and was hoping to organize some mini-reunion stuff.


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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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